Great burgers – $12 with chips



Famous Blue Raincoat, 25 Vernon St, South Kingsville. Phone: 9391 8520

“You look familiar – you look like a blogger!”

Ahhh, our cover is blown.

Hardly surprising, given my anonymous moustache and the fact this likely to be our third post on this Kingsville institution.

FWIW, I doubt very much that our splendid burger meals are in any way compromised, good or bad, by the ‘Coat’s knowledge that Consider The Sauce is sitting in the back garden.

This is an impromptu visit – we like that.

There’s Greek salad makings in the fridge at home, but we’ve hit the road … lured by the restaurant Facebook reminder that this is $12 burger night.

On a pleasantly muggy, hazy summer’s night, the back garden is a wonderful place to await our dinners.

We spy a young mum tucking in to a parmagiana as her partner’s steak sits unmolested.

He’s walking their toddler.

He returns; they swap roles.

Been there, done that … many, many times!


They may have been purchased at special burger-night discount price, but it’s interesting to note that our whole meal deals end in dollar terms where a food truck stand-alone burger begins.

And here we’ve got real cutlery and crockery, and a lovely setting in which to enjoy.

The chips are deeply tanned and very good. And there’s a good-sized serve of them on both our plates.

Between standard but good buns are some greenery, tomato, beetroot, bacon and tomato relish.

All good.

The meat looks less patty and more big, fat meatball.

But they squash down well to serve our burger purposes well.

They taste magnificent – beautifully seasoned and a little bit peppery.

Bennie, happily smiling, raves about our burgers all the way home.


4 thoughts on “Great burgers – $12 with chips

  1. I can be more specific than the rude person above.
    I ate here last night. I was eating alone and took advantage of their $12 parma offer. Food was not bad, and the initial service/meet and greet with the lady owner was fine.
    After my meal, I asked the owner for an espresso coffee. She was just on her way outside to chat with two regulars dining out front, and she called over to the two bar staff to ask for my coffee. She had to call twice to get their attention, but they did acknowledge her.
    No coffee came however, the two staff members were too busy talking about their data allowance on their mobile telephone plans! I tried to get their attention several times over the course of a 10 minute wait, but they studiously ignored me and carried on with their gossip[.
    I gave up and went to pay the bill, I had to interrupt them to ask for it, despite no other customers in evidence, and they were clearly still gossiping amongst themselves. I was just answered with a perfunctory “23.50”!
    No please, thank you, was your meal ok or any other type of greeting.
    I handed over a $100 bill and was given my change without so much as a thank you or goodnight.
    Normally I would raise the issue at the time, but it was the end of the night and I was too tired to bother.
    I just thought, if they cant be bothered, why should I?
    I haven’t encountered such rude and disinterested staff in many years. Would not recommend this place at any price. I am also in business, and for sure if any of my staff treated clients in such a manner, they would very quickly become ex-staff members, no doubt about that.


  2. It’s never easy to read a negative review of our cafe. In fact it’s absolutely and utterly humiliating. Particularly when we work so hard to make every visit the best possible experience for our customers all of the time. But unfortunately things don’t go right all of the time and when mistakes are made it’s the customers who suffer the consequences. But here’s the truth, a post such as this offers a golden, if not brutal opportunity to review our procedures and remind our staff about their roles and responsibilities. I’m not sure I’ll go as far as sacking them, seems a bit excessive. But they will read it and if they’re not also absolutely and utterly humiliated and subsequently show marked improvement I’ll be very surprised. It takes genuine concern and compassion to take the time to write a post such as Robert’s so sincere thanks for doing so and importantly our heartfelt apologies.

    Sincerely Kaz & James.


  3. Thanks for your reply but I am rather confounded by your response.
    You don’t actually invite me back to give you another chance? Don’t you think you may do better next time?
    I live just around the corner from you but find myself cycling to williamstown or Yarraville rather than face the prospect of a return visit to the Raincoat.


  4. I wrote a couple of weeks ago a very negative review,and despite vowing never to go back, I took a chance and went back there last week, for lunch. Glad I did!
    I was on my own, the back yard was really nice with a scattering of customers all concentrating hard on their food. A good sign.
    Had the burger, which they were happy to make just the way I like it (hold the lettuce egg and beetroot, bring the Tabasco!)
    Excellent burger, just about the best I’ve had, beaten into second place only by Byron Soho in London. Until now I’ve been a fan of Grilld, but the Raincoat’s beat that! Good chips too, just the right amount of salad, and the service was perfect.
    So glad I gave the place a second chance, happy to be a regular there again!


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