Sunshine Hospital


Ongoing but nothing too scary …


Son of a food blogger assesses supplied breakfast.

Food blogger dad makes urgent cafeteria run for bacon and egg sangers x 3.


Just right!

Coffee quite good, Greek salad looks great.

Staff fantastic, other kids and parents cool as.

Could be a long day!

Dad makes Alfrieda St lunch run; returns with awesome, freshly cooked chicken feet.

Having already dispensed with his hospital lunch, Bennie makes short work of the chook bits.

They’re awesome!


Bennie and I left Sunshine Hospital at about 5pm. He’d been transferred there by ambulance from Footscray just after midnight, after his mum had taken him there about 9pm on Friday night.

We left with prescriptions for antibiotics and ventolin, and an asthma plan. Even though this is probably not asthma.

It’s an outbreak of a bronchial condition we’ve been dealing with for quite a few years. The staff at Footscray were concerned enough, specifically about pneumonia, to transfer him to Sunshine.

We appreciate the care and the cautious approach that was taken.

I have told Bennie he’s old enough to assume some ownership of this, including medications and weather-suitable clothing.

There’s lots worse things to be visiting doctors and hospitals about. But this kind of thing can and does kill people.

I also found out that, at a pinch, I can publish a blog post – including photos – using just my phone!

We may even return – we liked the look of the chicken korma and chick pea and egg curry in the Sunshine Hospital cafeteria.



7 thoughts on “Sunshine Hospital

  1. Hope Bennie is OK. Not a great start to the weekend. I have nothing but praise for Sunshine Hospital, both my two have spent time there and the staff (and the cafeteria) have been terrific. All the best.


  2. Hope Bennie gets well soon. It’s great they let you bring in hot food. Last time my mother was in hospital, we weren’t allowed to bring in anything hot because of “the smell”. Fair enough, but there was nowhere we could go, either, so ended up with very unwell but hungry mum outside eating dinner near the carpark. The hospital had only fridge-cold white bread sandwiches. Not exactly healthy nor appetising!


  3. Hope Bennie is well soon! The staff a Footscray Hospital are terrific. The place gets some bad press but we experienced the caring attitude of the staff a year ago when our young son broke his leg. The staff really went the extra mile to take care of a toddler and make sure he was well looked after.


  4. I often read your blogs as I’m also from the West, but have never left a comment. However, it’s good to hear your sidekick BEnnie is on the mend! Your blogs just wouldn’t be the same.
    And, did you know, all the cafe’s in the Victorian hospitals are operated by a ‘celebrity’ chef? Zouki cafe are in all public hospitals


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