Take it where you find it …



Bennie’s new school routine is requiring a new domestic routine from both of us.

A 6am alarm may not sound so different from a 7am alarm, but the effects have been profound.

For starters, we’re both fading away and heading for bed not too long after 9pm.

As well, as my own start times are much later – usually around 10am – I am finding myself with time on my hands at a peculiar time of the day, one during which returning to bed and sleep is unlikely.

Breakfast done and dusted, school/work lunches made and packed, big load of laundry done, dishes washed – and still an hour or so until it’s time to hit the road.

What to do?

Or perhaps the question should be: What not to do?

Perhaps with a little practice, I can learn how to use this space as a gift … an oasis of calm.

In a period of time that has proffered many satisfactions and happiness and love, but also what seems an equal measure of anxiety, fear, anger and loneliness, a few pages of a book and some gorgeous, uplifting music seem like a blessing.

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