Disc, disc, disc …



It looks as if Bennie’s day of playing team sport are over.

We gave it a good shot.

A couple of seasons of Aussie rules.

He liked it OK, but personally I found such a long game played on such big grounds a dead loss for such young kids.

It no doubt had something to do with “our” team being hammered at every outing, but most of each game seemed to find Bennie and teammates standing around doing nothing and looking extremely bored doing it.

He tried a desultory season or two of cricket. Definitely not his go.

Most recently, we really enjoyed two season with the Footscray Rugby Union Club.

Bennie’s team had some success, he scored some tries and laid on a few beaut tackles, and we all loved the other boys, their parents, the coaches and the club in general.

More to the point, the smaller teams and more tightly structured game meant every player was involved to a far greater degree.

But now the logistics of school travel to and from Hoppers Crossing seem to have doused what was never a brightly burning flame.

That’s OK.

But much to my delight, Bennie has embraced with something approaching fervour one of my favourite pursuits – frisbee tossing.

I bought our current mid-weight blue model when he was about five and tried to get him interested.

No go!

He’s slowly improved his throwing and catching skills in the past year, though, so that he’s almost a match for his dad.

I can’t remember a time when frisbee-ing hasn’t been part of my life.

Is there anything more simple, magical, beautiful, spiritual, uplifting, graceful and satisfying?

It’s simply a tremendous feeling when the various kinds of throws – hard and fast, floating and landing gently for instance – find their target seemingly almost without deliberation.

I recall a story about how North American Indians were introduced to tennis by the white man. According to this story, the native Americans immediately assumed tennis was a game of co-operation instead of being one of competition.

Frisbee is like that.

It’s also a supreme vehicle for chillaxing.

Frisbee is something I rank with what I think of as the “zen” sports – shooting, archery, bowls, snooker and billiards, curling and the like.

If you’re uptight or anxious in the slightest, you will suck big time.


3 thoughts on “Disc, disc, disc …

  1. Our family was enjoying an afternoon in the Fitzroy Gardens recently, and all around was a game of frisbee golf was going on. A group of 4 people, who had obviously played in the gardens many times, had their own course mapped out that was invisible to the rest of us. As far as I could tell the aim was to throw your frisbee towards (and eventually to hit) a certain tree or pole. Fewer throws on a “hole” the better. They looked like they were having a great deal of fun!


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