The great western suburbs coffee debate



Regular readers who get their CTS fix via this blog’s Facebook page will be aware that yesterday I posted a link to a list of “Melbourne’s best coffee” as published on Urban List.

As ever with such lists, my beef is with the use of the term “best”.

Look, I’m a journalist – I know how these things work.

And work they did, in this case, with that FB post/link garnering more than 1000 views – way, way more than ever is accorded CTS’s own posts.

Another familiar beef is that in this case, as in so many others, the western suburbs did not score even a solitary mention.

So I reckon it’s worthy of a blog post – let’s have some have some entertaining discussion about your fave western suburbs coffee spots.

As listed on the CTS FB page, I have three that I absolutely swear by for friendliness, service and outstanding coffee – Cup And Bean, Feedback Cafe and Sourdough Kitchen.






22 thoughts on “The great western suburbs coffee debate

    • I agree! Daily coffee from Guerilla keeps me going, friendly service – and by getting take-away, we avoid the uncomfortable seats problem (although the seats out the front are fine, it’s just the stools that are a bit awkward for me). Weekends, we don’t venture as far from home, but W48 on Essex St does a pretty good coffee too – just not quite as consistent as Guerilla.

      What about the best ca phe sua da ? Where’s that, do you think? I’ve tried a hole in the wall at Little Saigon (Sugarcane juice place) and also the one near the bike racks on Leeds St (NW corner of the market), and that one was good too – but it’s harder to appreciate the nuances of the coffee when you’re enjoying condensed milk overtones 😉


  1. A second vote for Guerilla, despite my original fulminating against the introduction of hipster coffee to Footscray. Their coffee is consistently delicious, and they make awesome crumpet specials. But my biggest vote goes to Konjo, particularly if Abdul is making the coffee: those guys rock.


  2. God there’s so many to choose from out here in the West … urban lister looks a little too urbane to be wondering round these parts methinks … so my favs are Footscray Milking Station, POD, Candied, CornerStore, Wee Jeanie … I mean seriously too many!


  3. Reading your post last night immediately had me thinking of Guerilla Espresso, so I made a detour this morning to pick up my daily heart starter. That was before I read the comments posted by other readers here. Their beans are sourced from Proud Mary & Allpress (both named in the Urban List article), so it’s all makes sense.

    My regular stop is Reverence in Union Rd, Ascot Vale which also serves a very fine coffee with beans roasted onsite.

    These articles naming the “best coffee” or “best burgers” are usually so predictable. If nothing else, at least they stir up some discussion & debate.

    Nat Stockley


    • Hi Nat! Thanks for that! Yes. At least we’re turning the tables here a little bit and drumming up some righteous westie pride. Sooo looking forward to tonight’s dinner with ya – I just know it’s going to be crash hot and more than worth the drive. Besides, isn’t Thomastown in the west? 🙂


  4. I’d like to give a special mention to Bean Rollin’ – the coffee truck often found outside Seddon station on my morning commute. Can’t go past a good drop and a friendly face in the morning (when I need them most).


    • Bean Rollin are great! And they often do filter coffee as well. Any idea why they don’t fetch up outside West Footscray station any longer? Did they get run out of town by the RRL guys?


  5. I’m a big fan of many places offering great coffee in the west, but I have to say I’m very disappointed in spotswood’s candied. Great bakery, go there a lot but won’t return for the coffee. Bitter and watered down.


  6. ok so I’m more North west but I like coffee so here is afew

    Moonee Ponds

    Acot Vale
    Grandpa Joe
    Even Provata and the new cafe next to coles can turn out a latte when desperate

    Mama Bear


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