All change at Werribee South



If change is a given, then change and its ramifications are a way of life in the western suburbs.

For years now, or so it seem, one or more of the streets surrounding our Yarraville home have been in the process of being worked upon.

In the greater west and in a broader sense, the issues of change are the very substance of much of my weekly, regular newspapering gig, be they concerned with politics and culture or economics and infrastructure.

Transport, be it rail or road, is a particularly knotty and sensitive subject.

But for all the growth and upheaval in the west, there is no change going on quite like what is in the process of happening in hitherto sleepy Werribee South.

There, a project involving more than 100 apartments and an “integrated retail precinct” is rapidly taking shape.

You can see the developer’s website here.


From all that I’ve read, no one seems at all sure what sort of impact this is going to have on Werribee South.

Added to the mix is the surprising news – well, surprising to me anyway – that plans for a Werribee South-to-Melbourne ferry service seem to be gaining very real traction.

The traffic generated by 100 apartments, their residents and service vehicles is one thing.

Throwing in the daily comings and goings of 3000 ferry commuters is quite another.


The main routes into Werribee South – Duncans and Diggers roads – are fine two-lane thoroughfares for much of their lengths, even if they are invariably stained dirt brown by market-gardening activity.

But in places, both roads take on a distinctly backwoods feel, with potholes, bumps and dodgy edging to the fore.

As for the food portion of the development’s retail precinct, my expectations are at zero.

“Franchise” and “generic” are terms that spring readily to mind.

Degani, anyone?

Not that we’ve got anything against that particular coffee shop chain.

Indeed, I’ve been told that company behind it is also behind this place, which we like just fine.

But I’ll not be holding my breath hoping that Wyndham Harbour bucks the trend of greater Melbourne generally doing a lousy job of seaside eats.


7 thoughts on “All change at Werribee South

    • Yes, well, I am interested in what the food will be like at Wyndham Harbour! However, lots of folks tell me they like CTS covering and reflecting on broader issues affecting the western suburbs. I’m speaking at a Rotary Club meeting next week – and, yes, there will be a story on it, including the food!


  1. I like that you broaden the CTS scope to more than just food. It is your blog after all. And as someone who may move further west sometime in the future, I’m very happy to read articles and comments on what’s happening. Thanks.


  2. Agree with Pauline. It is is Kenny’s blog he can write he what he wants. It was pretty obvious from the start this post may not be entirely about food.


  3. Good post. I love that so close to the city you can still find somewhere that has a General Store. Not for long though, by the sounds of it.


  4. Have to say I agree with Robert’s post. Moving away from the topic – this is a food blog – is simply losing he plot.
    Quit the ego trip Kenny and stick to what you’re good at.


    • Thanks, Rodney – I’ll take your comment on board. But I’ll also point out that blog’s are very personal, and are bound to change and go off on tangents. Labeling any particular blog “food blog” or “footy blog” is little more than arbitrary. Besides, I am an experienced journalist with a wide interest in what goes on around me and in the west. A wide interest shared by many of CTS’s readers. “Quit the ego trip”? Wow. Long-time readers know well that I have covered – and will continue to cover – way more “inappropriate” topics than what is happening at Werribee South. Besides, blogs ARE an ego trip.

      Do you object to me covering Footscray returning to the Western Oval? Or is it only an “ego trip” when it gets somewhat political?


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