Food trucks – Altona, Williamstown readers have your say!



Disclosure – the two reporters who filed this Maribyrnong/Hobsons Bay Weekly story about food trucks in the west are colleagues of mine; I am quoted in the story and the newspaper has used a photograph provided by CTS.

But I confess to being bemused by the comments in the story by the spokeswomen for both the Altona Village Traders Association and the Williamstown Chamber of Commerce.

Of course, it is the job of such groups to promote and protect the businesses they represent.

But the idea of “running food trucks out of the town” seems a little, um, confrontational.

There are places we like to eat in and shop at in both Williamstown and Altona. We will discover more.

But I can only go with what numerous residents and readers from both suburbs have told me in the years CTS has been operating – that while there is plenty of choice, people in general think there is much that is “average”, over-priced or both.

So Altona and Williamstown readers, what do you think … food trucks, do you want them?






7 thoughts on “Food trucks – Altona, Williamstown readers have your say!

  1. Kenny,
    I’m a Willi resident and when I dine out I head to Yarraville anyway. Food in Willi is over-hyped. (Hurry George Calombaris!) I won’t comment on the food in Altona, take from that what you want. Food trucks offer competition, fresh, great tasting food at mostly reasonable prices. Maribyrnong council has always been more aggressive toward opportunities for new business, and my children enjoy the play after we eat in the Yarraville gardens! I also assume Sharon runs a food business in Altona?


  2. Any business or business that would create some much needed competition and innovation in Altona is much needed and greatly appreciated by the residents. The current Altona retailers particularly restaurants need a reality check the food available is overpriced and nasty. Bring on the food vans.

    Sincerely an Altona resodent who wants more than Chinese and Pizza and Fries .


  3. Why would anybody stop initiative, enterprise and the march of good food at good prices? It’s crazy. We have the food trucks at the bottom of our street on Tuesday night in WeFo and it’s fantastic.


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