By request – the CTS ‘regulars’




One of the most frequent questions we are asked is: “What are your favourite places?”

Or a variation: “What are your regulars?”

The flip answer to that latter query is sometimes: “For us, given what we do, a ‘regular’ is somewhere we go to eat about twice a year!”

But we do have “regulars”.

Bennie and I have spent a couple of weeks musing about it – usually while driving to or from somewhere new! – and have come up with the following without turning to the archives.

Keep in mind this it how it stands for us today, right now.

Were we do draw up a similar list next week, next month, it might look different.

And some of our most-loved establishments don’t appear here because we simply, sadly don’t hit them as often as we wish we did.



Fish ‘n’ chips/Japanese: Ebi.



Latin American: La Morenita.



Coffee and more: Cup & Bean, Feedback Cafe, Sourdough Kitchen.



Indian: Hyderabad Inn, Vanakkam, Pandu’s.



In Sunshine: Xuan Banh Cuon, Afghan Master Kebab.



Shopping: Altona Fresh, Sims.



In Kensington: Grand Tofu, La Tortilleria.



In Tullamarine: Spicy Corner.

Gets a guernsey as the venue for the weekly Star Weekly “curry run!



Burgers: Famous Blue Raincoat.



Baking: Heather Dell.



Middle Eastern: Seaside Flatbread Cafe.

7 thoughts on “By request – the CTS ‘regulars’

  1. Hi Kenny, I’m just curious if you know of any other places in the west besides the Food Trucks, New York Minute, La Morenita and Feedback Cafe that offer ‘American style’ Burgers or Subs, Po’ Boys, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Ribs, etc…….but mainly Burgers!? 🙂
    I am eagerly waiting for 8 Bit Burgers to open!…….Thx mate!


    • Hi Clint! MMmmmmmm … have to give that some thought. Miss Katy’s Crab Shack and Fancy Hank’s BBQ both near Vic Market? Tried Fancy Hank’s recently solo – it was great! Review TC. I reckon you’ve just about got it covered. I like that you included La Morenita – they deserve more kudos than they get for their Latin American-style sandwiches.


      • Yeah we’re a bit high and dry with American food out here, I can’t wait to try Fancy Hank’s too! Also if you’re interested, ‘Gorilla Grill’ Food Truck is making its debut this Sat 10 May between 1:30 – 5:00pm @ C-Tune Automotive, Unit 11/178 Duke St, Braybrook.
        On the Menu:
        – Gorilla Thriller BBQ Pork Ribs
        – Mama D’s Fried Chicken Ribs
        – Fat Tony’s Grilled Korean Pork Belly
        (All served w/ ‘Slaw & Corn Cob!)

        – Porkzilla Korean Tacos
        – Cajun Fries
        It sounds like American BBQ/Asian Fusion! 🙂


      • Ooops! I’m sorry, apparently the below info is for a ‘family & friends’ Invite only event!
        The Truck will go public soon after!


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