CTS Feast 6: La Morenita – the wrap



Consider The Sauce Feast No.6: La Morenita, 67 Berkshire Rd, Sunshine North. Phone: 9311 2911. Wednesday, May 21.

CTS Feast No.6, the first of two at La Morenita in Sunshine, was a smashing success.

This was largely due to the efforts of Maria and Marco, who kept the goodies coming and sent everyone off with very full tummies.

I hope they got as much pleasure out of it all as we all did.




And the success of the night was also very much due to the 25 CTS friends who fronted up.

I’m thrilled to note that among this number were several repeat Feast offenders, a couple of bloggers and folks from as far away as Heathmont.





From the cocktail hallullas (Chilean bread) and pebre (spicy chilli sauce) through to the custard berlins (doughnuts) and milhoja (“1000 layers”) cake, it was all fabulous.

I was especially intrigued to find that the Aregntine-style traditional ham and cheese sandwiches de miga – which look so white-bread dainty and more fitting for a high tea – have so much flavour!

All the flash and new may come and go, but this place continues to be right at the heart of the western suburbs food for CTS!










3 thoughts on “CTS Feast 6: La Morenita – the wrap

  1. Had a great night with my lads – was soooo full – we all had to take our donuts home. Thanks for organising will definitely be frequenting La Morenita in the future !!


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