Best schnitzel EVER!

La Morenita, 67 Berkshire Rd, Sunshine North. Phone: 9311 2911

Meeting a fellow blogger and her friends a few weeks back – at La Morenita as it happens – I casually mentioned that I am happy for Consider The Sauce to cover a restaurant or business more than once.

This occasioned surprise on behalf of one of my new friends.

Me, too, I guess!

It has never been planned.

But somewhere along the way this blog has become an ongoing journey so updates and second-looks seem natural as the western subrubs food scene develops and evolves, menus expand or change and people come and go.

After several “reviews” and before-and-after stories on two separate CTS Feasts, La Morenita certainly fits snugly into that continuing scenario!

And for that we make no apologies – this after all, in our opinion, is one of the true gems of the west.

What’s more, exciting things are happening at this fine Berkshire Road emporium, with revamps and extensions planned for both the premises and the menu.

After a “research trip” to Sydney, Marco and Maria will be rolling out for testing a number of new dishes on coming Sundays – they’ll be of a more substantial nature, to match the grouse range of sandwiches/burgers and empanadas already featured.

First up tomorrow (July 20) will be fried fish (barramundi) and beef schnitzel with chips and salad.

I, of course, misread Maria’s Facebook announcements and bowl up on Saturday – but Marco whips me up a schnitzel anyway.

Oh … My … Lord – it’s sensational!

The crumbed coating so crisp and unoily, the meat so thin, tender and tasty.

And what looks at first blush like somewhat ordinary accompaniments turn out to be perfect – the chips and, particularly, a simple salad of tomato and onion.

It’s big, mind you – really really really big. So much so the $20 price tag seems like a bargain.

Half of it went home with me.

Unless you are of pronounced appetite, this’ll do as a light meal for two.

Schnitzel? Latin-American food?


Maria tells me schnitzel and chips is an absolute Uruguayan classic.

“This is what I grew up on,” she says.

Best way to keep track of what the weekly dishes will be is to like their Facebook page.



9 thoughts on “Best schnitzel EVER!

  1. We tried La Morenita for the first time today. Not the schnitzel or fish, but sampled two of the sandwiches. So good! Why wait 45 mins at 8 Bit for a burger when you can get a superior double-hander at LM?


    • Yes, agree – it’s so one of a kind. The sandwiches are absolutely smashing – as Christine would say. Which ones did you have? Yay for us – pricey Ebi degustation to South American sangers in one, typical, western suburbs week!


  2. I forget the names but we shared two sandwiches between us…. one had steak, avocado, mayo, beans and green chilli. That was my favourite. The other, very delicious also, had a whole lot of meat. Steak, chorizo, could’ve even been some bacon in there too.

    We were sitting near the counter and saw a few of the fried fish specials come out. The fish was an enormous serve, about the same size as the schnitzel in your pic, and the batter was flecked with what looked like fresh herbs mixed in. I think the people who had the fish would have enjoyed it 🙂


  3. Uh oh. I’ll be there. La Morenita is my favourite place in the entire Western suburbs. That hot dog nearly killed me. But I will not let them beat me! Roll on Sunday!


  4. I had to go back and look at the picture again – I think I’d _assumed_ the plate was a saucer so the schnitzel was average to small, rather than that plate being a standard size…WHOAH.


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