Mother Nora’s charity lunch

Eid Mubarak/Selamat Hari Raya Aidul Fitri and Fundraising for the Homeless, hosted by The Migrant Hub and Australian Malay Foundation, held at Kelly Park Centre, Werribee

Sometimes, it seems to Consider The Sauce, the idea of running a western suburbs food blog by focusing solely on community events and festivals – and ignoring completely reviews or stories about regular restaurants and cafes – seems entirely viable.

Doing so would, I suspect, render CTS of less practical use to most of our regular readers, lurkers and friends.

But nevertheless such an idea – even if somewhat fanciful – holds appeal.

Because there’s no doubt whatsoever that we immensely enjoy our visits to and involvement in community events – the fabulous people, the food, the whole darn vibe.




So when we learn that Mother Nora is organising a charity bash for the homeless in Werribee, we pay attention.

Mother Nora is one of the brains behind Werribee’s MiHUB Cafe (see recent and lovely posts at Footscray Food Blog and Let’s Get Fat Together), a wonderful community activist in all sorts of ways and someone CTS holds in the highest regard.

In this particular case, though, I had an ulterior motive.

Recently, I was rapt to discover that one of my Star Weekly colleagues is a fellow blogger.

You can check out Sumeyya’s work here.

I read through many of her essays with mounting excitement – truth is, I am a little bit in awe of the power, precision and beauty of much of her writing.

Yet lest it be thought she is all about utter seriousness at all times, she has a crack-up sense of humor and invariably a twinkle in her eye!

And as I read, two thoughts hit me almost immediately: “I bet Nora would love to meet Sumeyya, and I bet Sumeyya would love to meet Nora!”




And so it was the Sumeyya, Halil and myself gaily hit the road for Werribee on a chilly Sunday in high spirits.

So … my two friends did meet, but only briefly, as Nora was very busy scuttling about keeping the event’s momentum going.

Oh well – at least a connection was made!

In the meantime, the three of us settled in for an enjoyable afternoon that entailed, among other things …



Halil is obviously completely enthralled with proceedings; Walter and Mother Nora bottom right.


… chatting with our table companions …




… and eating MiHUB-style food – of course!

I was particularly impressed with a gloriously sticky chicken curry and what was among the best beef rendangs I’ve ever encountered.

We’re talking really long, slow cooking here!

There was music, too.

I really enjoyed the beautiful and hypnotic sounds provided by the Jawa Pitu Band.

And it was to the vamping of those artists that I was persuaded to participate in a “booty shaking contest”.

It was all good fun!





10 thoughts on “Mother Nora’s charity lunch

  1. I like to share about my names Kenny, just like foods same things but people name in the way they like to call according to version and where they come from an example curries , gulai, korma, kari. You will never believed that I too have many names Turkish people like to call me Aisha, our Malay community call me kak Nora, Malaysian students name me makchik Nora, most asylum seekers call me Ibu Nora, my Napalese, Sudanese, Vietnamese,Etophian,Cambodian foster care children call me Mama Nora, my nick name at home Noor, in Malaysia my relatives will address me Makdak Australia,Jom magazine call me Mother Nora, my Boss Penny Francis call me Norah I am the same person respond to all the names. My born name Norasiah Hassan. Does confused to some…


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