Pay parking for Yarraville, Seddon, Footscray South




Maribyrnong council is seriously looking at introducing paid car-parking for parts of the municipality that have thus far gone without having it imposed.

There’s obviously a lot of huffing and puffing and “public consultation” to go on before this becomes a done deal.

But the tenor of the council’s community and services special committee report on Pay Parking In Maribyrnong – which you can read here – leaves little doubt that this will eventually happen.

The pay parking areas being proposed are:


1. Anderson Street Between Buninyong Street and Willis Street.

2. Ballarat Street between Simpson Street and Canterbury Street.

3. Canterbury Street between Railway station and Willis Street.

4. Canterbury Street car park.

5. Simpson Street off-street car park.


1. Charles Street between Gamon Street and Bourke Street.

2. Gamon Street between Charles Street and Station Road.

3. Victoria Street between Charles Street and Buckley Street.

Footscray South:

1. McNabb Avenue.

2. Nicholson Street between Buckley Street and Irving Street.

3. Albert Street between Buckley Street and Hopkins Street.

4. Albert Street car park.

Joseph Road Precinct:

1. Maribyrnong Street between Hopkins Street and Joseph Road.

2. Joseph Road.

3. Neilson Place.

4. Moreland Street between Hopkins Street and Neilson Place.

5. Warde Street.

6. Wightman Street and Selina Street.

7. Whitehall Street between Hopkins Street and Neilson Place.

I have an open mind about this.

The report is honest in stating that whatever other issues are at stake, revenue-raising is a significant part of these proposals: “The generation of non-rates revenue such as paid parking, is an important element towards achieving a long-term financially sustainable City.”

I can’t help feel a certain sadness that the sleepy village feel of Seddon and Yarraville is to give way to a more regimented form of commerce.

Pay parking for the Jospeh Road area is seen as a forward strike with the push for full-on development there growing: “Whilst Joseph Road precinct is not currently a saturated location, imminent multi-level development up to 32 storeys will create a substantial increase in parking demand.”

“Information and feedback sessions” to discuss these proposals will be held as follows:


Tuesday, September 2, 4.30-6.30pm,

Sun Theatre, 8 Ballarat Street, Yarraville.

Footscray and Seddon:

Wednesday, September 3, 4.30-6.30pm,

Footscray Town Hall, corner Hyde and Napier Streets, Footscray.



11 thoughts on “Pay parking for Yarraville, Seddon, Footscray South

  1. I’m in 2 minds about this. I think that anything that discourages motor vehicle use for local trips should be applauded. Streets should be for people not vehicles and the experience of enlightened burgs like Copenhagen and Amsterdam shows how streetscapes can be vitalised through good transport planning. (Having said that, I’m as guilty as anyone at taking the car to the bakery which is only 5 mins bike ride away!)

    But… I’m not convinced that paid parking is warranted in many of those locations as anything other than a revenue raising exercise. At least the council officers are up front about that. And I remain to be convinced of Maribyrnong council’s level of effectiveness and efficiency in delivering services with the revenue that they currently have.

    Let’s not forget that Maribyrnong’s rates are among the top 10 in the state. What does the council propose to do with the extra revenue? Especially since the inherited Footscray Council debt is now paid off and so there should already be more funds available to be used for public good. Perhaps the answers can be found in the consultation document, guess I should read it 😉


    • Good questions and points, Juz!

      I also wonder about the timing of the feedback sessions. The times may be regulation for this kind of thing, but they seem likely to provide easy access to the traders but present difficulties for working residents, especially those with kids.


  2. My concern is for the residents living within easy walking distance of these commercial hubs. It is also easy walking distance for the shoppers who drive and park just beyond the metered areas.
    In Footscray in particular the council should remove paid parking from the commercial areas and extensively meter the surrounding residential areas with permits given to the residents.
    Might not raise enough revenue though ….


    • Hi Pablo! We live a few blocks from Yarraville village and have no off-street parking. Recent intensification of townhouse-style housing means we’re no longer able to count on a park right outside our pad, but we never have to park too far away. Except when it’s Yarraville Festival time!


  3. This, sadly, is representative of a trend. As central power (especially governments) becomes more strapped for resources to pay for its primary purposes (the care and feeding of the functionaries who FORM the central power) they’re going to increasingly go after the schmoes who have LESS power (citizens.) Business has too much power (insider connections and bribe money for pollies) to be victimised. That’s why the folks without clout, i.e. “us”, will be leeched off of more and more. Viz speed cameras, red light cameras, ever-more user fees such as $7 GP charges and such. Peak Oil and the end of other cheap energy, the surplus that has been the driver of modern civilisation, means humanity is going into an era of scarcity. We’re going to revert to the feudal way of doing things, with us serfs forced to devote a larger share of our productive capacity to the service of the lords of the Council Manor. Parking meters, and the threat of force that underlies them (higher fines, court appearances, seizure of one’s car, ultimately imprisonment for continued disobedience of court orders to pay) are the sharp knife inside the meter reader’s pen. This is another small way that the cops are turning into the robbers.


  4. As a local resident I am appalled by this proposal. How dare the council promote this as something wanted by the local traders when clearly this is untrue. I have personally asked a number of local businesses and have yet to find one in support of this idea. Seddon is a vibrant and friendly community with many successful small businesses. Paid parking will not increase business turnover but instead will encourage parking in surrounding residential streets or shoppers to take their custom elsewhere. I would always support initiatives which discourage car use – but this doesn’t.


    • Hi Diane! Likwise I have talked many Yarraville traders and have yet to find a single one in favour. Yet the council and mayor continue to repeat the mantra that paid parking is being introduced in response to community and trader concerns. Several people have commented to me that this mantra is wholly lacking in supporting detail.


  5. When will you Sheeple learn the “Council” has NO Jurisdiction over anything. They are not a Government! Stop voting for them. By voting for them you make them feel legitimate. Read the Constitution. You should be asking the so called “Councilors” to prove Jurisdicition. They cannot.


  6. I understand in Williamstown that the local rate payers are exempt from parking fees (on the basis that none locals who enjoy the amenity of this area should contribute to the infrastructure). If we must have paid parking (which I am totally against) then exempt rate payers (we already pay some of the highest rates in the State). I want to support my local traders, love the diversity and vibrancy of the village precinct – as do many people outside of the area, so let them pay to enjoy it with us.


    • Hi Julie! I haven’t heard that approach before. Makes sense given the food magnets that both Seddon and Yarraville are these days. Not sure how it would be administered. Alas, the vibe I get is that the council has already decided and that various “forums” and so on are mere window dressing. I wish it were otherwise, but I suspect they’re just going to weather the storm and the proceed anyway. I hope I’m proven wrong. I was – for my own reasons – against the pop-up park but am right on board with this. And I wonder if the council and those behind this pay parking move fully understand the white-hot anger that is near unanimous among residents and traders.


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