A monarch among Melbourne’s laksas (2)




Kitchen Inn, 469 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Phone: 9328 2562

Appointment in the city, park at Vic Market, left enough for time for a quick lunch – of course!

I have no great plans or destinations in mind.

Indeed, this stretch of Elizabeth Street is so busy at lunch time I’m happy to get a seat just about anywhere.

I have no plans to write or take pictures.

But then I get Kitchen Inn’s Sarawak laksa ($10.90).

CTS has been here before.

I’ve even had the laksa here on another occasion.

But …

I don’t remember it being THIS good!!!

Gravy that looks like a rich chocolate milkshake. Spice/heat levels that are just right and plenty of deep, dusky flavour – quite unlike the more regular laksas around town.

Vermicelli only in terms of noodles, which is real nice for a change.

And the extravagant goodies … oh my!

Shredded chicken, two monster pieces of chewy tofu sucking up that amazing gravy, fish cake, bean sprouts, quite a few very good prawns, noodle-like strips of omelette.

And – best of all – stacks of salty pork belly/crackling that is wonderfully crunchy to begin with but that becomes equally wonderfully soggy as the eating of my meal unfolds.


This is a 10/10 laksa – a masterpiece of Melbourne cheap eats.

See earlier Melbourne laksa monarch post here.



4 thoughts on “A monarch among Melbourne’s laksas (2)

  1. Have just read the review of Kitchen Inn at Asian Restaurants in Melbourne:


    The author is from Sarawak.

    He has to say this about Kitchen Inn’s laksa:

    ” …is not authentic – to the point where some reviewers on Urbanspoon say it’s similar to the Curry Laksa offered by Killiney Kopitiam. Ok, admittedly, it has a nod to the herbal shrimp belachan taste that’s prominent in Sarawak Laksa – but it requires more belachan and less curry. The travesty is the use of BBQ Pork (Char Siew – sweetening the soup), bean curd puff, and fish cakes! Dear Kitchen Inn owners – you know this is not how this dish is meant to be served …”

    Just a heads up – I still think it’s amazing!


  2. On the strength of this endorsement I went to Kitchen Inn with a fellow laksa fiend last week — we both completely agree! Authenticity notwithstanding, the sarawak laksa is delicious and the depth of flavour is a nice contrast to the one-dimensional sweetness of some other places dish up.


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