Sirens leased




The prime real estate that is the former Sirens at Williamstown Beach has been leased.

The windows are shielded with blue tarpaulins and something is afoot … though, despite my best efforts, I’m not quite sure what.

In a friendly fashion, I squeezed the young bloke I found there doing some renovations for the new proprietors but he remained admirably loyal and discreet.

But from what I did gather …

It seems the property will continue to operate under the Sirens name, it is open for event bookings and an open-to-the-public date is expected to be in late January.

The family/business moving into the space has a track record in the hospitality industry, one that makes them “quite capable” of doing a fine job at Willy Beach.

“Are they famous?” I asked.

“No,” came the reply.

That snuffs out the goss I’d heard just minutes before elsewhere in Williamstown – that Shannon Bennett was moving in.

Nothing to it, apparently.

But, boy, that’s some rumour …

3 thoughts on “Sirens leased

  1. Yay, that’s good news! I hope they do a good job, Sirens had so much potential, and started off well, but despite that stunning setting, the food got worse, service ditto. Bleah. All the locals I know avoided it in favour of far better offerings in Yarraville and beyond. What is it about fabulous locations that bring out the worst in restaurants?


    • Hi Anna! Yep. We only ever did Greek biscotti and coffee there on the balcony. Gorgeous! Fingers crossed, eh? I’m a bit surprised at myself – in some ways, this should be just another restaurant coming-and-going. But it seems different, more notable, special somehow. And I suspect it feels that way for many other westies …


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