Hobsons Bay council … you know, whatever





Hobsons Bay City Council,

GPO Box 425,

Melbourne Vic 3001


Kenny Weir

Re Infringement notice 3068314


Hi there!

My name is Kenny and I am a western suburbs food blogger.

My blog’s name is considerthesauce.net.

It is concerned almost exclusively with the food culture of Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Not only does Consider The Sauce write about a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and retail outlets spread across the western suburbs, it also takes great delight and satisfaction from covering and supporting many community initiatives and festivals.

It was for that reason that I spent some time in Laverton on Thursday, November 6, when I copped the above infringement notice.

My only reasons for visiting Laverton that day was to visit Saffron Kitchen at Laverton Community Hub and do a story on it for Consider The Sauce.

The resultant story can be seen here:


Given that Saffron Kitchen is a community initiative in Hobsons Bay – indeed, is one supported by Hobsons Bay City Council – I hope that in my case some leniency may be offered and that this parking infringement penalty be waived.


Kenny Weir, Consider The Sauce



10 thoughts on “Hobsons Bay council … you know, whatever

  1. Good on you Hobsons Bay Council.
    Parking rules are there for a reason. There is not, nor should there be, one set of rules for regular folks and another set for ‘exceptional’ people eg local politicians, food bloggers, Brazilian transvestites etc etc.
    Pay the ticket and take your punishment like a man Kenny!


    • Fair enough, Rosie! But I disagree and don’t see myself as anyone special at all. But I was there on community business AND where I parked was otherwise bereft of cars! I was promoting a project in which Hobsons Bay is involved!


  2. Given my experiences with parking tickets (got booked for parking on our driveway) quoting the exact law they claim you’re violating (the car was definitely not parallel parked) only got the ticket withdrawn after two rounds of yelling at them.


  3. Last sentence is poorly worded. And it is ambiguous to a degree – you need to get another ticket and see if they change their minds and withdraw the infringement on ‘the next occasion’.


    • Good point, Pablo!

      Beyond rather gratuitously stating the obvious, what – from a legal viewpoint – is the reason for including the phrase “on this occasion”?

      I exercised the right that every resident/citizen/driver has – to dispute a parking infringement notice.

      Given the frequent lack of clarity and consistency surrounding parking issues, I don’t feel obligated to accept whatever is handed out without question.


      • It is probably not well known by the hoi polloi that if you decide to take it to the magistrates court and plead guilty, explaining the circumstances and promising to be ultra responsible in future, you will get off with a good behaviour bond. Good advice if you have the time to hang around courts……..


  4. Kenny if there is a next time it is better to go on your good record and ask to be let off i.e. “I haven’t had a ticket in x number of years and could you please let me off on this occasion”
    This has worked for me before with Stonington Council and they are parking ticket demons. cheers Melissa


  5. I only skimmed over this as there were only a gazillion more important things happening at the moment, however I wish you good luck with getting your parking infringement revoked because you are promoting Hobson Bay on your super amazing blog……….


  6. I feel your pain, and admit to feeling similarly annoyed after receiving a ticket at Williamstown Beach on a day where there was barely a soul around. Now, when walking my doggie at the beach, I always feel compelled to recoup some of the fine in doggie bags. I’ll start taking a few extra for you too! You have been unjustly penalised while on important business!


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