Yarraville eats goss: Jamaican eatery

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Inspired by this mind-blowingly interesting job advert, Consider The Sauce has tried phone, email and Facebook message in a bid to nail the details – so far to no avail.

Here’s what we know thus far …

A Jamaican restaurant will soon be opening in Yarraville.

It will be housed in the Gamon Street premises that for many, many years hosted Gravy Train and which are currently undergoing renovations.

The people behind the restaurant are those who run Boss Man Food – see website here and Facebook page here.

With that sort of pedigree, I reckon we’re all fully entitled to hope for something amazing.

How about that for something to look forward to?




Another Gamon Street gem, the good ship Advieh, is staying right where it is.

But in about a month those fine folks will be bringing their wonderful Middle East-inspired food to Yarraville village.

Little Advieh will operate out of a prime spot on Ballarat Street and not too far from the now-permanent park.

Wonderful news, we reckon!




Meanwhile, plans to fill the ground floor space of the old St George’s Theatre with a hospitality industry business appear to be taking time to come to fruition.

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