CTS Feast No.11: The Wrap






CTS Feast No.11: Pizza d’Asporto, Rifle Range Shopping Centre, 71 Kororoit Creek Road. Phone: 9397 2033. Sunday, February 15.

Pizza d’Asporto serves simple, wonderfully delicious and fresh Italian food.

It does so in a casual setting with loads of warmth, friendliness and charm.

All those attributes were in abundant evidence when Consider The Sauce and a dozen or so hungry friends descended on Williamstown for the 11th CTS Feast.




There was glorious antipasto, so good I’m sure I wasn’t alone in thinking this was the best you’d find in Melbourne, anywhere at any price.




There were salads such as the insalata di rucola with rocket, pear, parmesan and rustic bread crumbs still just-right crunchy after being imbued with olive oil.

There were two pasta dishes – a fabulous pork-laden ragu and orecchiette with pork sausage and broccolini.

There were family-picked backyard tomatoes.




And there were pizzas – lots of fabulous pizzas.




This was a small gathering by comparison with some of the CTS Feasts of 2014.

All those in attendance had been to one or more previous celebrations – or arrived with someone who had!




The exceptions were my very good pals, fellow blogger Caron and her hubby Gordon – so a big thanks to them for driving all the way from Berwick.




“D’Asporto” means takeaway in Italian, and that indicates just what the original aim of this establishment was – to provide affordable, excellent Italian food for locals.

Then a bench and stools were added for the waiting comfort of customers, then more benches and more stools – and now there are even outdoor tables, at which most Feast attndees got down to their gleeful eating business.

So, you see, in some ways Pizza d’Asporto is not meant to be operating as a bona fide “restaurant” at all – but we’d not change a thing about what Claudio and Antoinetta have going here.




With this story, the more formal, professional aspect of the CTS relationship with Pizza d’Asporto comes to an end – and now we’re very much looking forward to being just another couple of hungry, happy customers dropping in on friends.

Check out the Pizza d’Asporto website here.

Sweet treats courtesy of Pizza d’Asporto’s “sister” business, Impasto Forno Antico in Avondale Heights!



3 thoughts on “CTS Feast No.11: The Wrap

  1. I still can’t believe that wasn’t a $40 lunch (let alone the leftovers… I ate pizza for dinner, then pizza for breakfast the day after!). Also, do you reckon you could sweet talk their napoli recipe out of them? Because it takes me back to a meal I had in an underground restaurant (literally, probably not a secret one); where the meal was just pasta + napoli, but SO DELICIOUS – let alone the pork chunks inserted in Pizza D’Asporto’s version. ❤


  2. It was indeed a magnificent feast. My favourites were the buffalo mozzarella, the eggplant with the antipasto and both pastas. By the time the wonderful pizza was served, I could hardly eat any more. And then the delicious deserts came out! This is truly wonderful Italian food the way it should be cooked, served and eaten.
    Congratulations to you, Kenny, for organising such a great event, and many thanks to Pizza D’Asporto for going all out to make it memorable.
    We got a loaf of gorgeous bread to go and continued the feast at home for dinner that night: slices of Italian bread toasted with garlic and parmesan, then liberally sprinkled with capsicum, onion and our own home-grown tomatoes, topped with a splash of olive oil.


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