Visiting Helen




My colleague and pal Helen has been absent our office for a couple of weeks, so I inquire if she’d like a visitor.

I have an ulterior motive – truth is, I miss her wicked.

It feels odd to be driving the same road as took us up this way to acquire the Black Devil but, of course, Helen drives this way and that every working day.

When she is working.

I drive on past Kyneton and, after a few misturns, find the spread with the white picket fence.

My friend’s house is a big, cool thing from the 1880s.

It’s gorgeous.




Bennie and I have been the lucky recipients of Helen’s generosity in recent months in the form of plums and nectarines.

But I am little prepared for the richness or depth of the goodness she has at hand on her amazing spread.

There’s … several varieties of apple, mullberries, strawberries, raspberries, a gazillion herb varieties, tomatoes and much, much more.




Helen’s sister – one of them – Fiona turns up.

I am delighted to learn she also is lovely, mad and funny.




Fiona has brought Middle Eastern-style salads from one of her faves, Cliftons Cafe.

Together with some backyard stuff picked from this spot and some sweet treats I’ve brung from Berkshire Road, we feast.




I’d initially suggested that Helen may have been sick of being house-bound so a visit to one of the local eateries could be the go.

But this is much better – I feel privileged to partake in such a beautiful setting with such fine company.




I take home a box of lovely quinces.

The two poached eggs I have for dinner are as free range and organic as eggs get.






4 thoughts on “Visiting Helen

  1. Your writing is so descriptive, I always enjoy reading it. This one made me feel like I was in the sun with you feasting.


    • Oh Sheri, thanks so very much! I’m very conscious that there are limits beyond the usual cafe/restaurant reviews that will engender increasing levels of reader disengagement. So that sort of feedback, for what is a very personal post, is something I treasure!


  2. Great photos too, sounds idyllic and a good/food connection to the land. What are those fruits? with the overlapping green leaves? – showing my city roots now. Still love reading everything you post too


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