Footscray eats goss




Changes are afoot in Nicholson Street, Footscray.

Pho Ta (above) and …




… Babylon have both closed.

Asking around, the best I could discover in terms of reasons was along the lines of “problems with landlord”.

These closures are a shame as both joints added diversity to a colourful part of Footscray.




Over in Hopkins, Snow Tree has set itself up for soon-come visit by the CTS team by the agency of a much more attractive fit-out and a much longer menu – including fried chicken!




The Dancing Dog building will be auctioned on Saturday, April 18, at 1pm.

There is a meeting being held tonight (Wednesday, March 25) with a view to making a stab at keeping the property out of the hands of developers.

For more details, check out the Permaculture Out West Facebook page.




Meanwhile, up in West Footscray, what was once Gusto will soon become Dosa Corner.

According to the always reliable Barkly Village Facebook page: “Gusto will be replaced by a South Indian Style Restaurant. Ex chef from Dosa Hut across the road.”

We wonder if there will be any point of difference between the new place, Dosa Hut and the neighbourhood’s other Indian eateries.

Truth is, though, Dosa Hut is usually busy so maybe it’s not an issue.




Dosa Hut itself is growing, with the opening of a branch in Tarneit at the Wyndham Village Shopping Centre.

I suspect our Tarneit readers are doing cartwheels.

13 thoughts on “Footscray eats goss

      • I know I’m a stick-in-the-mud but honestly, the Dancing Dog is part of why Footscray is damn great. Punk shows! Eclectic personnel in the beer garden! Cheery, down-to-earth staff! Open mic poetry readings! It’s going to kinda suck when Footscray is just another Yarraville…


      • Haha I know what you mean … even we sometimes think it sucks that Yarraville is Yarraville. I spent a late Saturday few hours at the DD about a year ago. Upon arrival, a drunk chick hit me up for a beer, then said to me: “I’ve got thing for older guys!” To which I replied: “Looks like I’m shit out of luck then …” Half an hour later, she spent some time relaxing in the gutter.


    • Heritage overlays generally only protect the streetscape which gives building owners carte blanche to reconfigure the interiors. Eg see what happened to the Buckingham, Royal and Albert Hotels.

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    • Hi Colum! Haven’t been yet. But looking at their FB feed, I’d have to say their entertainment policy (an ’80s covers band and a dude who supported Suzi Quatro) looks and sounds a little shaky to my admittedly snobby music tastes.


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