Meal of the week No.6: Ebi




The dinner hour for CTS and, we suspect, many other bloggers and foodies is somewhere between 6pm and 7pm.

For some, this is the legacy of having – or having had – very young children.

Perhaps “available light” has something to do with it.

I’ve even heard of bloggers who only do lunch for that very reason!

But a big part of it for us is … we’re hungry for food, hungry for adventure.

So 8pm seems way too late, especially on a work/school night.

The Mediterranean post-sietsa 9pm or later?


Early evening dining also means missing rush hour and always getting a seat.

In the case of tiny Ebi in West Footcray, that latter point is no small thing.

Entering by myself and taking a seat at the bar, I go through the usual routine … look at the display cabinet, consult the blackboard menu, peruse the regular menu, before saying …

“I’ll have fish and chips thanks, John – large!”

John: “How did I know you were going to say that?!”

Me: “Hmmpf! You must have other regulars who always order the same thing?”

The genial, chrome-domed Ebi host the proceeds to count off a long list of regulars with whom he is on first-name terms and their invariable choices – “fish three ways”, vegetable balls, udon, bento and so it goes.

Everyone gets their own groove on at Ebi …

5 thoughts on “Meal of the week No.6: Ebi

  1. Ha! Yeah, we almost always get the fish three ways and a small fish and chips to share. (If the fish 3 ways of the day doesn’t appeal, we’ll sometimes switch it up with another special – but it’s almost always a special bento + small fish and chips).


  2. The fish and chips is great, as is the calamari. Best to eat them there so they don’t get soggy in the bag on the drive home! There are some beaut Japanese craft beers in John’s fridge too. Another Ebi favourite of ours (especially in the colder months) is bibimbap. Great comfort food.


  3. 8pm for us is perfect. He finishes work at 6pm, and I’ll be at the office/in class till 8-9pm. 7pm is the dinner rush, and 6pm suggests senior citizens or normal people. 😛 With evening classes/event 8pm is just right. 9pm? Dessert!


  4. It has restored my faith in fish and chips after a few disappointments elsewhere. Also to note: one of the only fish and chip shops not to open on Good Friday


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