Footscray eats goss




Wow – replacing Vietnamese eatery Pho Ta on Nicholson Street will be Afghan Master Kebab.

And, yes, it will run by the same people who operate the restaurant of the same name in Sunshine.




Expect an opening in about two weeks.

I wish the rest of this report’s items could be as cheery …




Around the corner on Irving Street, I was saddened to see that Saudagar appears to have closed – or, at the least, is not presently operating.




Over on Hopkins Street – on the last retail strip before a parking lot, Centrelink and Franco Cozzo – the long-established Indian grocery has also closed.




Right next door, the restaurant known as HM Quan has a real estate agent’s sign in the window that reads “Available Now” and “Fully furnished restaurant”.

Though, peering through the window, it didn’t seem the interior had started accumulating the litter and disarray that usually attends a business closing down.




Heading in the other direction and up Barkly Street, it’s with much sadness that I discover that it appears that Kebab Surra has also called it a day.

CTS pal and contributor Erika tells me there has been a sign since mid-July saying there is an illness involved but I saw no sign when I was there this afternoon and the furniture has been stacked.


11 thoughts on “Footscray eats goss

  1. Thought something was amiss at Kebab Surra, it hadn’t seemed open very often. Will miss it but hoping Afghan Master Kebab will be a worthy replacement. Btw Pho Tam is on Leeds St, did you mean another pho place it’s replacing?

    Sorry to hear about HM Quan. Liked its quirkiness!


  2. I’m not sure Saudagar has closed? They had a fire some time back and I thought they were working to reopening. But I could be wrong.


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