Meal of the week No.23: Shri Annapoorna




A new Sri Lankan eatery on Ballarat Road?

That makes three.

And never mind the new or newish Sri Lankan arrivals in Werribee – see here and here.

What’s going on?

Well, in the case of Shri Annapoorna (290 Ballarat Road), not that much.

Customers, so far as I can ascertain, don’t get freshly made rotis, hoppers, string hoppers or lamprais here.

Instead, the choice is restricted to the dozen or so offerings in the bain marie.

Such humble, basic eateries are fewer in number these days but I reckon still have a place.




I eat well at Shri Annapoorna.

As I do so, I see a number of food-laden trays depart out the entrance, so I figure catering is where this place is mainly at.

But it’s not that I want for fellow customers – I think there’s fairly hefty Sri Lankan population in and around this Braybrook neighbourhood.

My mixed plate is very Sri Lankan, very nice.

Good beef curry.

The familiar and spicy dry-cooked potatoes – a true Sri Lankan staple.

A mildly seasoned mushroom concoction – like many such mushie dishes, it looks black/ugly/unappealing but tastes good.

What looks like a typical dry coconut chutney I’m told has jackfruit in it – and, I think, fennel and/or fenugreek.

Not bad for $8.




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