Up In Smoke: Update




Bennie and I had a look-see at how Up In Smoke is coming along a few weeks before Christmas.

There was no one around though it was obvious there was still much work to do at the location on the corner of Whitehall and Hopkins streets.

There still is but co-owner Shayne McCallum tells me they’re about a couple of weeks from opening.

I’m happy that Shayne is happy to show me around when I wander in after a fish-and-chip feed across the road.




Here he is with Up In Smoke’s fancy $20,000 Yoder Frontiersman offset smoker.

Shayne and his colleagues will be selling regulation barbecued meats such as brisket but are keen not to be perceived as “the next barbecue place”.

To that end, expect to see things such as smoked vegetables.

Smaller dishes are tipped to be in the $10 range, with salads and sandwiches somewhere between $10 and $15 and a hefty meat-centred meal likely to be in the region of $25 to $3o per person.




The main dining area, regular chairs on side of the tables and banquettes on the other, will accommodate about 60 punters.

There will be a more informal dining area opposite the bar, which will be pouring about 10 or so all-Australian craft beers.




The currently bare area right outside the storage facilities is to be turned into a green-heavy garden area.

Current plans are for Up In Smoke to be open for until 11pm and for drinks until 1am.

Breakfast is another possibility – think toasted sangers, great coffee and maybe bagels.




The adjacent shop will stock such basics as top-quality milk and butter as well as charcuterie goodies and smoking accessories, along with the same meats – in uncooked form – being prepared right next door.



6 thoughts on “Up In Smoke: Update

  1. 10 craft beers on tap, like the sound of that 🙂
    Shame it’s on such a busy road though. Not sure how enjoyable sitting in the garden would be? Prepared to give it a go though…


    • I hear you. But the gerden will be set back from Hopkins/Dynon road. And while the traffic won’t be going anywhere – so to speak – I think the soon-coming residential surge in the area will change the dynamic.


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