Gelati pasta for lunch



Gelateria Millefiori, 338B Keilor Road, Niddrie. Phone: 0457 404 041

Gelateria Millefiori is a new gelati place and I’m excited to be headed there for a taste.

Or several.

It’s lunchtime … but truth be known, I’m not that hungry.

So as I drive, I’m idly speculating as to the viability of a scoop or two as lunch.

With a coffee on the side.

As it turns out, Gelateria Millefiori has me covered.

For in addition to cones and cups of a juicy line-up of gelati, some panini and good-looking canoli, the menu (see below) boasts quite a range of glorified sundaes paraded as bona fide meals.

I choose the spaghetti al pesto ice ($9.90), which isn’t pesto so much as pistachio.




Luckily, I spy my p-nut gelati being turned into pasta – on a bed of cream from a can!

Happily, they’re only too happy to start afresh for me!




How is it?

Well, the pasta thing seems a bit of a gimmick, even though there are toppings of pistachio chips and syrup.

But there’s no doubting the creamy, rich, delicious quality of the gelati.

Most of the gelati flavours are familiar to me … but how about black chocolate and oro di oro?

The latter is, I’m told, based on the lemon custard used in Italian baking.

I have a taste of both.


Check out the Millefiori Facebook page here.

(This story has been sponsored by Moonee Valley City Council. But in all other regards it is a regular Consider The Sauce post – we chose the restaurant and when to eat there; we ordered what we wanted and paid for it ourselves; and neither oversight nor an editorial role were sought by the council.)





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