Roll up for jaffles? I’ll be in that!



Little Garden Cafe, 407 Mount Alexander Road, Ascot Vale. Phone: 0410 922 242

Down behind a Mount Alexander Road florist is a cool, green space just right for a chilled-out lunch on a sunny Saturday.

It’s retro central – in the form of armchairs, sofas and more.

And retro, too, in the form of the kitchen and serving area, for which purposes a vintage caravan has been pressed into service.




Given the tight space situation, it’s no surprise the food line-up is equally tight and also light (see menu below).

That’s fine by us – on the way here we mused over possibilities such as Somalian, Chinese BBQ meats and dumplings but the truth is we’re just not THAT hungry.




There’s goldfish in the house; we see two.

We’re told six.




Our jaffles arrive looking pretty as a picture.




Bennie adores his Doori Time! ($8.50) with its chicken and cheese swimmingly soaked in a delicious, piquant and dark sauce. It’s unclear if the shredded chook has spent any time in a tandoori oven but it matters not.

This jaffle comes with a pot of raita – nice touch, that.




My Brekkie Time ($8.50) is good, too, though doesn’t have quite the same sort of flavour hit.

The ham is indeed cut thickly and it works fine with the egg and sauce.




Our matching $3.80 cafe lattes are spot on.

It’s worth signing up to the Little garden Cafe Facebook page, wherein specials such as a Beefy Slaw sanger of “succulent bbq pulled beef, creamy housemade slaw, mozzarella cheese, toasted on organic sourdough” are regularly listed.



7 thoughts on “Roll up for jaffles? I’ll be in that!

  1. my favourite review quotes 2015 first timers trying african restaurant!
    1) ” It’s definitely food that I never expected to enjoy as much as I do- certainly not something you try every day”
    2)” to my surprising the restaurant was clean and cosy’!
    3)”i had great food & enjoyed dinknesh lucy restaurant,but area is a little doggy at night’! hahaha yes haha interesting how some people have racist views about africans without knowing..dinknesh lucy on barkly st is sandwiched by vietnames restaurants and i wonder is they mention area being doggy at night when visiting vietnames next door to dinknesh! lol and people saying the restaurant was clean as if they went to african restaurant to inspect is another example how many australians r not used to seeing blacks or black restaurants hahaha first i though may be they mention the cleanliness because africa is third world,but then many asian like cambodia,india,philipines,vietname r all poor countries!!.. but i think many of these racist views r due to africans being new arrivals to australia..sometimes u got to laugh when u see people experiencing something new and foreign to them..yes the area is doggy at night on barkly st because poor dinknesh lucy hahaha yes too many hollywood movies is to be blamed for it hahaha i love australia


      • haha & i think i forget one review quote “dont judge the restaurant from outside,just step in its amazing gem”! haha u got to give credit to these reviews,they r talking to people who never been to black restaurant, but love the way they go about it as they themselves hav some weird assumption about africans..this reminds me when asians arrived america,& there were this racist assumptions that they were eating dogs or weird things in asian restaurants! haha


      • they see two extremes of african americans, a exteremly rich black celebrity & getto haha they forget black americans have exterem rich,very rich,middle class,low income & getto! like any other americans!.. black gettos r like those we call white trash in australia,a trapped unemployed who cant leave the area(minority)!!..may be when they african restaurant some australian they probably think of getto hahaits crazy,also majority americans black and white tend to go bahamas and jamaica and majaority maerican dont like to travel to far away places like australia which contributes to ignornace of black in australia..its interesing time for australia haha


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