Burger Bonkers




Consider The Sauce has had a bit of dabble at Facebook advertising in the past.

At the weekend just past, I gave it another crack, spending a few cents short of $30 in pursuit of FB “likes”.

This time, it appears, I did something right.

By the end of the weekend, CTS had gained about 50 new “likes”, of which 41 were directly attributable to the ads.

I’d be thrilled if even a handful of those new connections became regular readers.

But a closer look at the Facebook analysis of my ad “campaign” reveals something interesting.

I had four ads running, all with the same wording: “All about the marvellous food and cultures of Melbourne’s western suburbs.”

The ad featuring a pic of a lovely Japanese spread generated zero “likes”.

Not a single one.

Ditto for the ad featuring the marvellous meal enjoyed by CTS at last week’s Tamil Feast.

The ad featuring a photo from the equally marvellous spread at new Deer Park Ethiopian eatery Betty’s generated – wait for it ! – one “like”.

So from whence did the other 40 paid-for “likes” come?

They came from the ad featuring a photo of the burger and chips I enjoyed at Searz in Newport.

That’s right – 40 “likes” from the one ad.

Now don’t get me wrong – the Searz burger-and-chips combo was outstanding.

It was very bloody good.

But please – a reach of 2702 for my ad featuring an oozy, doozy burger?

And a reach of 92 for the other three ads – combined?

Blimey – all of Melbourne has gone bonkers.

Burger Bonkers.




Meanwhile, on Sunday I enjoyed the above, mindblowingly good platter – for the cost of $13 – at A1 Bakery in Essendon.

Very good chook skewer.

Insanely delicious and juicy lamb kofta skewer.

Two kinds of salad, including a wonderful tablouleh.

Superb, tangy hummous and babaganoush.

Two pieces of house-baked z’ataar.

The outcome of my brief Facebook ad campaign precisely reflects the data-derived and anecdotal evidence being provided by several foodie, social media and food media pals.

Like I said … bonkers.

Burger Bonkers.

6 thoughts on “Burger Bonkers

  1. Heyy,

    I have a few ideas being in the advertising space myself. Also, HI, I’m a long time reader of this blog 🙂

    Not to be rude, but the non-burger pictures don’t look very bright or of high quality. iphone pics don’t cut it most of the time, unless you use a 6s with a filter app to make it stand out a bit more. Angles, blur, bad lighting can attribute to an unappealing picture of food. Have you seen “martha stewarts bad food pics” on buzzfeed? They are a good example 🙂

    Burgers are so hot right now. And are quite easy to look good without the fancy apps and angles like mentioned above. For these reasons, I am not surprised burgers are number


      • its all about what people OFTEN eat!..Burger is like macdonald,other food is type food you need to go restaurant…u dont have to love particular ethnic food to love burger!
        who doesn’t like macdonals any way! may b if u r on diet or vegetarian but give me a burger anytime if iam hungry outside home,thank u


    • cris one of the reason mcDonald/hungry jack are gaint is because burger, u take burger out & substitute something else,its never the same!!!! .this restaurant in america introduced camel burger in his menu,all the sudden he needed bigger restaurant,too mant customers!! not only because people want try this meat but biggest factor was it come in burger form,..it overshadowed all other menu he had..but then that is why the most gaint food in the world r burger


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