Nelson Place, top stuff




Mascalzone Pizzeria Osteria Artigiana, 217-219 Nelson Plavce, Williamstown. Phone: 9397 7269

Mascalzone has been open about three weeks, replacing one of the nondescript venues for which Nelson Place is mostly known, that one replacing another before it.

Mascalzone is sure step in a good direction.

It’s done out brightly with an accent on Italian in decor, ambience and food.

There’s a big brick oven at the rear and a display cabinet of fine-looking antipasto goodies at the front.

We find the service for Saturday lunch is terrific and our food is brought to us in a timely fashion.

Mascalzone’s menu (see below) is a smartly tight line-up of modern-classic Italiana that extends from starters through pizzas, pasta and salads to dolci.




When checking out such joints as this for the first time, we routinely choose one of the basic pizzas just to see how they shape up.

In this case that means the napoletana ($18) picked from a list of nine red pizzas and five of the white kind.

Our pizza is very nice with simplicity being the thing and the toppings all of good quality and in the right proportions.

The crusts are have a wonderful charred thing going on.




From the list of five pastas, we select the pappardelle al ragu di agnello with roasted asparagus ($22).

At first, the lamb shoulder sauce and the white pasta present as so pale as to be pallid.

But there’s do doubting the home-style depth of flavours in the meat, the attendant juices and the excellent cheese gratings.

All this rests upon and about truly wonderful house-made pasta that is al dente perfection.




Tiramisu ($10) is a dream of cream and not much else – but we love it anyway.

Next time we’ll be up for sharing one of the two antipasti platters.

And there will be a next time.

Nelson Place, food destination.





6 thoughts on “Nelson Place, top stuff

  1. You might have noticed that the Porchetta pizza joint has recently changed hands and is called something else. I’ll have to check it out. It wouldn’t have to try hard to outdo its former incarnation.


  2. Well that’s just wonderful. Here I was thinking a half decent BYO pizza joint was gonna breakthrough the mediocrity of Nelson Pl.
    Obviously I haven’t tried the new one but besides Siam Orchid, is there anything decent on Nelson Pl that stacks up well on a value for money basis at any price point?


    • We like Santorini, as you know. We’ve been to Ragusa once – it was OK but I don’t think we ordered very cleverly and it was pricey. I’ll be heading to Nelson Place again in the next couple of days, as Bennie noticed that Raga the Indian place is doing bunny chows on Mondays and Tuesdays. Exciting – even at $17.50!


      • Santorini and Ragusa suffer from either insipid or outrageously expensive wine lists – that’s why I crave a decent BYO so I can choose from my own little cellar.

        Anyway RAGA is way better than Sangam for the subcontinental cuisine.

        BTW have you tried Tandoori Times in Yarvle?


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