Yum Chinese roasts, dumplings




BBQ Noodle House, Shop 14, 238 Boardwalk Boulevard, Point Cook. Phone: 8375 2356

BBQ Noodle House shares a food-providing strip adjacent Featherstone shopping centre with an F&C place, a charcoal chicken place and a pizza joint.

It looks like a typical suburban noodle shop – the kind where you’ll get very average noodles and dodgy take-away.

But there’s more of interest here …

Chinese roast meats can be bought in Sunshine but only, so far as I’m aware, at a Hampshire Road supermarket – not in a house-roasted sit-down restaurant setting.

There are several such places in Footscray and at least one good one in St Albans.

But on the bay side of the Westgate Freeway/Princes Highway?


None at all.

The first thing we note about BBQ Noodle House is the line-up of typical roast beasties – and bits of beasties – hanging up in typical fashion in the window.

The second thing we note, equally approvingly, is the big, tubby roasting oven in the kitchen.





Our mixed roast platter ($12) is just fine, with meat juices sluicing up the rice and overcooked but lovely bok choy on the side.

The barbecue pork and roast duck are tender, juicy and tasty – though, predictably, the duck meat near the bone is something of a challenge.




A bowl of chicken broth is brought to us upon request and without extra charge.

It is hot and delicious.




Pork and Chinese cabbage dumplings ($11.50) are winners, too.

Whatever the cabbage component, it has been subsumed into the pork mixture but no matter.

The dumplings are quite heavy, and even a bit stodgy – in a good way.

But they taste fabulous.

And we dig the strands of pickled vegetables that are on hand.




Even the vegetable spring rolls ($4) come up trumps.

They’re well fried and the innards are dark with chopped fungi.



9 thoughts on “Yum Chinese roasts, dumplings

  1. Don’t forget to grab a big bag of yummy Prawn Crackers for $2.50, perfect for munching on while you’re binge-watching Netflix!!


  2. My family and I wanted to eat Asian during lunch today and I remembered this. Driving 20+ one to get here was worth it as the food was excellent and the portions huge! Thanks for this!


  3. I am living in Point Cook and has been to this restaurant couple of times to try a HongKong food, but it was really disappointment and I will never come back again. There were many people told me some bad feeling and bad quality food here but I have never left a negative review in my life and I do realize that this is totally not a friendly restaurant, but dear me, I also think that you can expect some sort of standard when you go out to eat. Unfortunately, the standard at this restaurant was very poor. Where do I start? Having entered the restaurant, we had to wait for several minutes to having your order at the counter, when finally a old lady waitress wearing glasses find the price on the computer, very unproffesional flirty manner. The menu cards very ABSOLUTELY disgusting, covered in oil and all sorts of dirst with the foil peeling away from the paper. Once you have your BBQ order you will found there was some part missing…..seriously, they cut off and sold for next order…. just in front of you! When I was try to asking for that missing parts of the BBQ, “That was too much for your order and I am not suppose to give you that much! My staff was not that professional and he don’t know how much should put on your order! BUT YOU CAN GET OUT IF YOU DONT WANT TO EAT! COME HERE! I REFUND YOU THE MONEY!” the old lady said very loudly….I was scared to say nothing….Oh, one more thing happened last time also, when you get your order and asking for the sauces with BBQ they will tell you they charge extra for that, if you said why you don’t charge extra when dining in the lady will tell you “yes, you can take your food and eat here for some free sauces”. Honestly, I never complain in a restaurant, because I used to work as a chef myself, so I know what its like sometimes, but for god’s sake, if you charge people, and quite a bit of money, you must give something back. The whole thing was a bit like a fast – food restaurant focused on quantity rather than quality Im afraid. I strongly suggest don’t waste your money here, your will have a bad feeling in your life. I will never go there again !!! It was terrible !!!Don’t be fooled, this place has nothing to do with HongKong food, and the service was very poor(not mean service…). KFC would have been a better choice !


    • I very strongly suggest you do as you say you will do – not re-visit this restaurant. It’s just a humble suburban eatery and makes no claim to being anything else. Maybe you should check your own expectations when you visit such establishments. We enjoyed the food and stand by the above story. “quite a bit of money”? Really? The food here is as cheap as can be had anywhere in Melbourne.


      • I very strongly suggest you save your suggestion to me because I will never come back for sure! If a restaurant face you like that and you still come back to spend money there and smile to say “hi Im coming back again?” And it is really ridiculous that you said “It’s just a humble suburban eatery and makes no claim to being anything else.” So you mean a suburb restaurant can doing business like that? Yelling to the customer and people must forgiven to them because they are poor little suburb restaurant? Maybe you would like to, but for sure you know nothing about HONGKONG food and nothing to know about customer service. Face to the review mate, no need someone to help and try to fix this.


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