Meal of the week No.28: Little Advi

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What an ornament to Yarraville is Litle Advi (16 Ballarat Street, Yarraville, phone 9689 0004).

Not as obvious or trendy as many of the other options – but those in the know know just how good, delicious, healthy, fresh and affordable the food here is.

And the serves are very generous.

Others go for the zucchini fritters or the kebabs or wraps.

But I am mesmerised by the salads.

In this case, a medium serve (three for $11.50) of potato salad; a number consisting of lentils, barley almonds, honey and currants; and an incredibly oozy, unctuous ratatouille variation with chickpeas and a strong whiff of cumin.

All are superb.

I occasionally get Bennie a small serve (two for $6.50) for his school lunch.

Lucky boy!

Or, rather, lucky young man these days …

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