Meal of the week No.29: Hellenic Hotel




After participating in the opening rituals of Hellenic Hotel, I am super keen to try on the joint’s upstairs bar $15 daily specials.

So much so, I bound up the mid-week stairs.

The bar area – excluding verandah – is quite compact, featuring three tables for two, a couple of tall tables with stools and a communal table, also with stools.

The bar menu (see below) features a range of snacky-type dishes through to those with a bit more heft, such as 1/4 HH chicken for $17.

There’s a daily special allocated for each day (also on the menu below) – and based on the excellence of my Wednesday beef stifado, I definitely want to try them all.

My beef stew is marvellous.

The serving is of a good size and the sticky stew features not only heaps of very good beef chunks but also halved baby onions and carrot.

They all sit atop a bed of barley that is puffed up yet still nicely chewy.

Topping all is a fistful of of fennel salad that provides nice contrast.

It’s a delicious lunch and very good value for $15.





7 thoughts on “Meal of the week No.29: Hellenic Hotel

  1. I can’t see a ‘comment’ button other than this ‘leave a reply’, so I guess my comment will be read as a reply to Juz’s comment? strange? Anyway, just wanted to say too bad there’s no vego options for lunch! But I guess I could have the ‘salad’? Also, with limited seating it sounds as if you should aim to arrive at 11.30am for lunch! The place will fill up fast.


  2. Recently I went upstairs to have a look during happy hour. Unfortunately it wasn’t so happy – only one insipid beer available whilst all the premium stuff was being charged at..well a premium price. Disappointing – surely they could get happy hour right.
    Anyway I stayed on for the special – steak and chips. The steak was a cut of rump cooked to perfection and the chips were the best I have ever had. EVER! I wonder why they couldn’t at least supplement the meal with at least some token veg or salad, even if they upped the price a couple of bucks.
    Anyway, I’ll have a go at some of the other daily specials in good time.


    • Thanks for the feedback, Pablo! My take on the upstairs daily $15 specials is that they are stopping short of gut-busting proportions but that they are keeping the quality high. Ordering a salad would bump the price for an individual meal above $20, but that would work for a group of, say, four or five. And there’s a lot to be said for perfectly cooked chips!


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