Meal of the week No.31: Sunshine RSL




Pokie venues are not one of the natural habitats for Consider The Sauce.

In fact, if memory serves, this is only the second such story in CTS history.

Sunshine RSL (99 Dickson Street, phone 9311 6372) is very much part of the Sunshine central area with which we are so familiar.

But it’s kinda tucked away in the back street so is easy to overlook.

Yet despite it’s nearness to the Hampshire and Devonshire bustle, it IS like another world.

And never, or mostly, the twain shall meet.

But it’s one in which I feel immediately comfortable and at home – once I am pass the obligatory sign-in procedures.




I tune out the electronic gambling, and the garish lighting, and take in the scene – I’m pretty sure I’m the only non-regular in attendance.

I’m pleased to see that, aside from a few regulation-style pasta dishes on the specials list, the food is straight-up pub tucker.

Why bother with a try at curries or wok food when there is so much of them to be had nearby for so little money?




The prices seem fair, kept down perhaps by the fact there’s not table service – meals are ordered, delivered and picked up from the kitchen servery, which I actually like as it lends a cheerful participatory air to proceedings.

Like, it seems, about half the customers, I’m here for the Sunday roast special.

And for $10, I have only the most modest expectations.

So I am knocked and otherwise delighted by the meal I proceed to inhale.




The serve is big.

The pork – there’s beef also available – is tender and there’s plenty of good gravy.

The broccoli aside, all the vegetables are roasted – this is most excellent, as we know of another place that does $10 Sunday roasts wherein all the veg except for spuds are steamed in order to keeps costs down.

I wish, just a little, I had asked for pumpkin to be excluded – there’s a stack of it – and more of others provided.

But overall, I could hardly be happier.

Check out the Sunshine RSL website here.





6 thoughts on “Meal of the week No.31: Sunshine RSL

  1. Had a mates 60th birthday here a few weeks back and they did the old school sandwiches, party pies etc.. it was nice to step back into a no fuss, good quality, simple finger food that didn’t need explanation, or a masters degree in “hipsterism” to eat. No offence to hipsters, we love ’em.


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