Reception centres of the western suburbs




Wedding receptions and other big parties/gatherings are held, of course, in many venues across the west – at Werribee Mansion, for example.

But here I am concerned here only with those that bill themselves as reception centres.

I love them!

The above photo was taken while I was attending a recent political fundraiser at 501 Receptions in West Footscray.

In all but one of the other cases, I gained access to the centres simply by walking in.

I took a heap of interior photos – and was even given a guided tour by management in one case.

But the rooms were all either being cleaned up by staff and/or prepared for the next function.

As such, I have chosen not use such photos as it would be unfair.

But what impressed me in all cases was the hushed grandeur of the reception rooms – especially the big ones.

And I admired the architectural skill that creates such grand rooms almost totally without pillars.

All these places spoke to me deeply in terms of community gatherings, of weddings and 21sts and balls and many generations of celebrations.

Of hopes and dreams.

I’d be super thrilled and grateful if any readers would care to chip in with their memories of attending functions at any of these places!


501 Receptions, Barkly Street, West Footscray




Sheldon Recepotion & Convention Centre, Somerville Road, Sunshine West.




Grand Star Reception & Convention Centre, Grieve Parade, Altona North





White Knight Receptions, Hampstead Road, Maidstone





Ultima Function Centre, Keilor Park Drive, Keilor Park





Lakeside Banquest & Convention Centre, Melton Highway, Taylors Lakes




The Luxor Function Centre, Sydenham Road, Taylors Lakes




Unknown, Sunshine Road, Tottenham


I’m including this because it was actually this derelict building on Sunshine Road in Tottenham that inspired a reception centre post.

Having driven past it countless times, often wondering about its history, I’d always assumed it was – or had been – a reception centre.

But upon stopping to take photographs, I realised it simply doesn’t seem big or grand enough.

Does anyone know its story?

20 thoughts on “Reception centres of the western suburbs

  1. An old Google Maps image reveals the sign “Pontiaki Estia” on the gate of the Tottenham venue – Pontian House. I believe it’s an organisation of people from the Pontus region of Greece, now based in Brunswick.


    • Hi Gerry! Wow, you got me there – I had no idea, even though I’ve driven past a gazillion times. Maybe it’s easy to miss because, I’m presuming, it’s part of the footy club set-up? Excited about going to check it out! It looks quite different from the old-school places featured above.


  2. I would also add the Croatian House or ‘Hrvatski Dom’ at 72 Whitehall Street, Footscray. It’s one I have been to many, many times over the years and is very good. Lakeside is also recommended – happy memories! Really appreciate your blog too.


      • Yes a restaurant, but also two large reception-type rooms behind the regular restaurant and a much larger one upstairs, spanning the whole second floor. They operate separate to the restaurant, but similar food I’d guess. Anyway – no commissions coming my way 😉 !! Thanks again!


  3. I went to one in Sunshine but can’t remember which. I do recall the highlight of the night, in my opinion, was when, instead of coming down the gracefully curving staircase behind the rest of the bridal party, the bride and groom, hard to spot at first inside an intense swirling mass of dry ice, arose from below the floor, accompanied by flashing lights and loud music.


  4. The Tottenham site is going to be the “new” Happy Reception.
    The Happy Reception in Ascot Vale is going to be demolished next year to make way for new apartments.
    The owner is moving his business to the site in Tottenham which is actually way bigger than it looks.
    From the plans I saw, there will be a grand ball room and two smaller ball rooms. Looking forward to seeing it up and running!

    Twitter: iisneeno


  5. I’ve had the pleasure of attending weddings at Happy Reception (Ascot Vale), Sheldon, Lakeside, Luxor (Sydenham) – all were fabulous.
    White Night is around the corner from me and looks stunning!!! someone invite me there pls!!


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