Westie eats goss 9/11/16




Soon after the CTS-hosted benefit for West Welcome Wagon at Curry Leaves, earlier this year, Bec and Dillon closed up shop.

You see, they had some family business to attend to.

Welcome, Thiyasha Rose!

But now they’re back at 463 Ballarat Road, Sunshine, once more doing their Sri Lankan tucker in fine style.




Back, too, is Curry Leaves’ original chef, Amitha.

The menu is new-look but, as we have found, the quality is the same.




This rice combo – with superior beef curry, dal, beans and potato – costs a ridiculous $12.50.





This watalappan ($4.50), made from jaggery and more and scented with cardamom and nutmeg, is a bit like sticky date pudding.

It’s wonderful.




Meanwhile, in Yarraville, it appears the soon-come Greek establishment in Anderson Street is likely to turn out to be more than a mere kebab shop.

Yay, we say!




Across the road, it appears an upstairs, outdoor beer garden of some sort is taking shape at the Railway Hotel.




We were going to use the closure of Chawla’s on Barkly Street to opine that West Footscray seemed to have reached maximum viable saturation of Indian restaurants.

But …




… a few days after that pic was taken, a new outfit was already preparing to open up.




A few doors along, though, the premises that was for a very brief time a Gujuarti vegetarian place remains resolutely unopen.




Also on Barkly Street, Lot 10 Eatery didn’t last long at all.

New arrangements are being made, with one observant local apparently spying a member of nearby West 48’s crew doing tape-measure duty there.

4 thoughts on “Westie eats goss 9/11/16

  1. G’Day Kenny , A friend who has lived in W.Footscray for 20+ years , very recently was off to probably W.F’s most popular Indian eatery – no room at the inn ! She thought she would try Swadesh and was very pleasantly surprised . I trust her palette with Sub Continent cuisine.

    I’ve been watching happenings at 76 Geelong Road adjacent to Footscray State School.
    Years ago it was a milk-bar. I thought perhaps another coffee shop , but no. KOF Gallery will open Friday Nov. 11.


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