7 thoughts on “Happy St Albans New Year!

      • Thanks, Krapow! Interestingly, when I google that there’s a wide range of images come – and none that look precisely like the standard issue dish I’ve seen numerous times at NY events in the west.

        Wikipedia describes it thusly: “A Chinese-influenced pastry, it exists in many versions all over Asia; the Vietnamese version features a special tangy soy sauce on the side, rice flour cubes with fried eggs (either duck or chicken), and some vegetables.”


  1. Thanks Krapow 🙂 I haven’t seen fried rice flour cakes before but I’m sure they’d be delicious, judging by the lovely golden colour on the edges


    • Thanks for asking what was my first question Juz!

      There’s a noodle-ish dish some of my friends like at dumpling shops in the city using sliced rice cakes which ends up looking like giant orzo, I think you can buy the sliced rice cakes frozen at vincent vegetarian (and probably many other places) – not sure if they’re the same as these ones though. (probably a similar product judging by this article – http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/11/seriously-asian-korean-rice-cakes.html )


      • Korean rice cakes are great! Dok or tteok, depending on how you transliterate it. On a visit to Seoul during winter I was introduced to dok bokki which is sold everywhere in street stalls. Looks like gnocchi napoletana, but it’s a fiery chilli sauce not tomato based. Delicious and warming


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