The Consider The Sauce Western Suburbs Food Festival



Consider The Sauce experienced something of a hiatus in terms of running events last year.

No particular reason – although me running out of puff and needing a bit of break was certainly part of it!

Now we’re back!

Hopefully, throughout the rest of this year, there will be a number of events.

Much will be as it was with previous events, albeit under a new banner – a bit of rebranding that reflects how I’ve come to see these gatherings: A rolling celebration of the food of Melbourne’s western suburbs and the people who make it.

So, for those who have yet to attend a CTS event, how does it work?

Well, the food will be very good for starters.

These events are, after all, endorsements by CTS of particular eateries, their proprietors and their food.

Beyond that, each event bespeaks a strong level of mutual high regard and trust between restaurateurs and CTS.

Not all restaurateurs understand what CTS is all about, and even if they do doesn’t mean they’re interested in doing an event.

And finally, some places are simply not suitable – no matter how much we love them!

For most events, the lowdown will be as follows:

Tickets will go on sale about four weeks before the event.

Ticket prices will be on or about $30 per person – with $20 going to the restaurant to help cover their costs and $10 going to CTS for organising.

Menus will typically be published with the event announcement story.

As with the many previous events, eateries featured are likely to the sort of under-the-radar joints that mostly get ignored by media big and small.

And as in the past, and as per the CTS ethos, this is very much in the style and philosophy of alternative, underground and/or fringe festivals the world over.

I am in no way opposed to business, government or other support for the CTS Western Suburbs Food Festival.

But as it stands, it’ll all be a matter of a handshake deal, sort out a view seating and menu logistics, set up the TryBooking details and away we go!

For the restaurateurs involved, there’s no profits to be had.

Rather, these events are opportunities to strut their stuff for enthusiastic people, many or most of whom have never visited their eateries before.

For you, the guests and potential guests, it’s all about enjoying terrific food at low prices in the company of fellow food nuts – from the west and elsewhere.

First event announcement for 2017 will go up in about a week!

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