The Kimchi Guru


“Kimchi” by Jackson Pollock, West Footscray, 2018.


If there’s one thing that exceeds in enjoyment the fabulous food we eat doing Consider The Sauce, it’s all the many wonderful people we meet in the process.

One of them is Justin Mansfield, a fine bloke and a long-time reader and supporter of CTS who has become a good lunch buddy and all-round pal.

He is also a man with very sour tastes.

We have happily taken delivery of jars from three different batches of his amazing pickled cucumbers.

So when the opportunity arises for me to take up an otherwise empty place in one of his kimchi classes, I grab it.

Even though I’m not a kimchi fan!

I figure Justin’s kimchi is bound to be superior to that served in most Korean places.

Besides, like it or not, I am interested in the story and the process.

(See below for details of a forthcoming class.)



The crew that gathers at West Footscray House is an interesting and happy one, with about half its members CTS readers.

Justin runs a great class.

He covers just enough of the history and background without getting bogged down in detail.

Just as interesting is his advice on the sourcing of ingredients and the tale behind his journey to becoming a self-confessed “kimchi nerd”.



Over two and a half enjoyable hours, he takes us from a pile of womboks …



… to the finished product.



Along the way, we learn about the necessity of sourcing the right dry ingredients such as salt …



… and chilli flakes, as well as the other vegetables.



After that, it’s just a matter of salting …



… mixing …



… blending …



… tossing …



… and bottling.

It was a hoot!

I learned a lot and now have two bottles of prime kimchi to experiment with at home.

For Justin’s kimchi class on July 15, go here.


3 thoughts on “The Kimchi Guru

  1. Do you have to buy huge bags of stuff to make it? Looks expensive bro, shirley there are other ways with ozzie ingredients, spices, salt? What kicks off the fermentation? Any Korean’s out there who make kumchi here, in Australia, almost as best as their Mom’s? I would like to hear your recipe


  2. Thanks for coming along Kenny, and hope you enjoy your kimchi 🙂 There’s lots of ways you can use it in cooking – e.g. we put it on burgers, in toasted cheese sandwiches and in fried rice. Someone sent me a recipe today for kimchi roast chicken, they said it was delicious.
    Danthehungry – there’s hundreds of different types of kimchi. You can make it with a wide variety of ingredients. I buy big bags of stuff for the classes because we are making 10kg of kimchi. But you can buy smaller bags to make smaller batches at home. The fermenting agent is fish sauce.


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