Still fab



Mama’s Cuisine, 331 Racecourse Road, Flemington. Phone: 0399 947 229

One of our old faves has undergone a revamp and been bestowed with a new name – what was Afro Deli is now Mama’s Cuisine, and looking rather spiffy with new furniture and fittings.

We figure it’s time for a re-visit – and, heck, it’s been a month or so we’ve had a good Somalian feed.

The menu (see below) features our expected favourites – and a few intriguing items for us to try on another visit.

A breakfast dish of shakshouka eggs, for instance – made in a tomato sauce.

Or mandazi – Somalian doughnuts.

The lamb broth soup (above) is superb.



Unfortunately, the mighty sounding “Mama’s Special” of fried goat shoulder with herbs and served with vegetables and rice ($17) is not quite ready for us …

So I go for my trusty lamb on the bone, federation style with rice and pasta ($15).

All is delicious, and there’s plenty of charred/fried onion, capsicum and carrot to go with the tender meat.



Bennie, too, sticks to routine by getting pasta only. He likes it, but does prefer the more tomato-ey versions to be had elsewhere.

For him, and for the same price, the carnivore aspect is covered by on-the-bone camel meat – and it, too, is tender and beaut.

All that and we’re served complementary mango smoothies as well.

Mama’s Cuisine is right up there with the other great Somalian joints on this strip.

Will CTS ever stop banging on about the Somalian establishments of Flemington?




24 thoughts on “Still fab

  1. Do they cook separately the meat & spices and then mix them later on or cooked together, it bursts with flavor heavenly,very cleverly


    • probably cooked with,to get that tender is slow cooking game i recon,not familiar with cuisine,somalian cooking book may look up


  2. Is the old new somali kitchen permanently closed now,things was going well for them,anyhow this new one in its place lets it wipes my tears


  3. There is somali restaurant on Nicholson st kulan eatery it has authentic somali dishes,but its not new its been there more than a year


    • Hi Tania! Not that I’m aware of! There’s a couple of West African places – one in St Albans, one in Sunshine – I’m in the process of checking out. But the food is very different from Somalian. But we love Somalian food so much, we reckon the drive from Deer Park to Flemington well worth it; your mileage may vary! 🙂


  4. Also any recommendations somalian grocery to get those spices? Might take walking tour little ethnic alleyways around footscray perhaps!


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