Westie eats goss 29/08/18



The transformation of Sims in West Foostrcay is proceeding with gusto.

This photo shows the area of the former deli and home of refrigerated and frozen products already being drastically revamped.

I’m told the store upgrade will take place over about seven stages with a completion date of early next year.



Plans and “artist impressions” of the new look are on display in the store.



They include an in-house coffee bar.



It seems, though, that the iconic meaty mural on Barkly Street will be a victim of the revamp.



Going up in Werribee – in the location of longstanding but now closed Mondells Cafe & Patisserie on Watton Street – is District 3030.

This Vietnamese shot in the arm for Wyndham is an expansion project of the successful and popular District 3429 eatery in Sunbury.



What was once Cheaper By Miles in the Nicholson Street mall in Footscray is being turned into a fried chicken establishment – another one!

The fitout is well underway, so this photo has become of historical significance!

Check the Wing Wing Chicken + Beer FB page for progress reports.




On Nicholson Street proper, Karibu Cafe has been operating since about the start of the year – and has escaped CTS attention for that long.

Under the broad banner of East African food, this place serves injera-based feeds.

But it also – oh yes! – serves Somali rice-style dishes.

We are keen to try!



Also on Nicholson Street, a talkative local tells me the long saga of Cafe D’Afrique has been caused by a “cracked wall”, but that we should see some visible action there in the coming months.



After being up and running for what seems like just a few months, Elementary 15 on Leeds Street in Footscray is already “closed for renovations”, according to the sign in the window.

They may like to effect some remedial work on the signage while they’re about it.



Inspired Cafe on Anderson Street in Yarraville has closed and is being transformed into a burger shop – another one!

This Hardings Burger Joint will presumably be a sibling for the one in Brunswick West and another in Coburg that was destroyed by fire in July last year.



Dee Dee Thai Cuisine has opened 10 Pratt Street, Moonee Ponds, just off Puckle and home to several eateries of the Asian persuasion over the years.


31 thoughts on “Westie eats goss 29/08/18

  1. Hi Kenny,

    What on earth is happening to the Little Saigon site? Last time I looked a month ago, the answer was precisely nothing. And what’s the GO with the new building on the old carpark over the road? The whole area is so unattractive to even bother a walkaround.




    • Hi Pablo! Yes, progress is so slow as to be non-existent. I disagree at least partly about the parking building and the general vibe of the area. Small Graces and others are helping create a nice vibe on a sunny day – despite the depressing market site.


  2. Cafe D’afrique location any idea what type of cafes is the way?
    Karibu I haven’t get around to it yet,is somali star cafe still there around the mall?
    Abit excited of fried chicken Nicholson,yes please welcome


  3. there is well loved local community burger on Nicholson st,we accidentally discovered as we look for parking in front of it,the place sets the atmosphere in the area,wall decoration of safari animals is eye catching for my little ones.we plan to be regular already good african foods,tea serving was good. still to go throug their menu

    Liked by 1 person

    • Been there yesterday,i didn’t see new afro cafe.some action was happening around art of fried chicken,also all racecourse rd wasn’t fully occupied some are closed like the korean place and old somali dish place too so in any time you may witness something new.


      • Its called racecourse rd,,they come & go these eateries, ,always some action going on,, I’m pleased old eat african go,the house of mandi is really good but somali dish nothing is happening that corner i hope good fish chips takes its place.


  4. I went karibu for breakfast and they said they don’t do breakfast which was a shock as this somali bread is centre of somali breakfast cuisine,don’t know if they were new still doing menu.


    • You can get mama’s cuisine on flemington somali breakfast tariim. Many somali places they don’t do breakfast its long process to make somali injera and customer could have 5 at one go,you know those taxi drivers very long to make and disappears very fast,not worth it.


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