Gordon Street Bakery



Gordon Street Bakery, 63 Gordon Street, Footscray.

Much excitement has attended the arrival of a French bakery in Gordon Street, Footscray.

Several readers have contacted CTS to express their pleasure and curiosity.

For them and everyone else, we have good news – but we would also counsel patience.

The place is up and running – and baking.

But while it is done out in bright cafe style, the arrival of a coffee machine is a couple of weeks away.



The bakery is the work of Wilhelm Isaac (above), who tells me he’ll be providing simple in-house fare such as ham-and-cheese croissants and filled baguettes.



In the meantime, there’s goodies to go.

The baguette I take home is a ripper – crunchy, chewy, superb.

The kind of thing, in other words, that elevates the simple fillings I use – cheese, roast red capsicum, rocket, tomato – well into sublime.

OK, it IS Red Leicester I use – but that’s what is in the fridge.

And it isn’t it great to see Gordon Street Bakery join Karlaylissi in injecting some cool life into this dreary precinct?

Gordon Street Bakery is open 7am-5pm, Tuesday to Saturday.


16 thoughts on “Gordon Street Bakery

  1. I had an almond croissant, magnifique! I think that’s French for really good.
    Don’t miss the cheese twists either, they are superb.


    • Cts considered karlaylissi in this platform review was really good,ethnic cafes appreciated.like that. I saw very cool reviews of gordon st bakery but ethnic cafes near was trashed not too surprising but the could appreciate all


      • Public the majority so welcoming gordon st bakery,brighten street as you would expect,the ethnic shops are cool too.public media is stay turn.mercy


    • Yes true, goodfood guide was a little late their review,expect opening day but still not bad,the street is not very hipster anyway.good start for little French


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