Kites soars



Kites, 1304 Centre Road, Clayton South. Phone: 9544 0046

In recent years, Consider The Sauce has adopted a more measured pace – and that has meant eating places outside the western suburbs have not been written about with the same frequency.

Though we continue to cross the Maribyrnong – passports in hand! – for dining pleasure.

But Kites in Clayton South cries out to be covered – because this is the second time in as many months I have made the long drive to dine there to sup with famous food devourer Nat Stockley.

So here we go!



Kites is a bright and white cafe serving top-class Sri Lankan food.

There’s little or nothing here that Nat and I haven’t seen and consumed before – it’s just that everything seems a bit more quality, a bit more beautifully prepared and presented than in many similar joints we have enjoyed.

It is really, really fabulous!



Choice of protein and vegetables comes from a display of fine-looking pots of goodies.



Guests then customise and complete their meals by choosing their own additions from a lovely ranges of condiments and sides dishes.

The result in both our cases is a combo of one meat and three vegetables (top photo) that is simply great eating – including beef of much classier quality than we are used to in such environments and even some good okra.

The price?

We are billed $10.90 each – ridiculously cheap!



Kites is one of a handful of Sri Lankan businesses on this intriguing strip of Centre Road.

Also there is Harry’s Factory Outlet, which turns out to be a very good supermarket of Greek heritage.



After our Sri Lankan lunch, I end up heading home with some taramasalata, borek and a smoked, orange-scented Greek sausage.


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