Cafe does a soul strut



Sadie Black Cafe, 31 Perth Avenue, Albion. Phone: 9312 1869

We’ve taken our time getting to Sadie Black in Albion.

But since it opened, we have followed its story on Facebook and had to suppress the drool as an endless parade of eats pics unfolded.

So we find it no surprise that we eat well when we do finally visit.

Nor are we surprised to learn that Sadie Black has become first-rate joint of the neighbourhood nirvana variety.



It’s a happy and delicious place.



And this gorgeous back garden will be a popular spot in the warm weeks and months to come.



Bennie is a bit meh about his SB burger with fries ($17).

This is perplexing – it looks bloody fine to me.

And tastes that way, too.

He does give a hearty thumbs hoist to the very fine Istra bacon ($2 extra).

He voted at the last federal election. He’s done with school, save for a few exams. The future is his.

So on the drive home, I suggest he may want upgrade his menu choices with a more wide-ranging and less burger-teen philosophy.



There’s not the slightest equivocation when it comes to my pig and potato croquettes ($18) – this is wonderful in every way.

The croquettes come with beaut roasted cauliflower, pickle slices, a mustard sauce and toast.



Beneath the crisp exteriors, the tubby parcels explode with the flavour of ham hock meat and peas, all immersed in a roux gooeyness.



We’d already ticked this lunch off as a dessert dead cert on the basis of the obvious pride the cafe takes in its baking and sweets.

We are not disappointed.



This upside down pear and berry pudding ($7.50) is a joy that has us grinning and smirking.

How lucky are we?

The coffees we have with it are very good.


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