A simple pleasure



Two 500-gram bags of rolled oats, one of crushed oats, roasted almonds (chopped) and sultanas.

That’s been my muesli recipe for more than a decade.

Sometimes, I’ll add some other fruit such as dried apricots.

And sometimes I’ll go without when it becomes too much of a chore, veering towards toast for breakfast.

Just lately, though, my muesli has made a resurgence – and has even become my lunch now that Bennie’s out in the workforce.

And now that I’m home.


And pretty much retired.

Or should that read, unemployed?

Or unemployable?

In any case, I am going through a period of loving ma muesli.

Truly, when soaked for a while (or overnight), and with some fresh fruit and a Big Dollop of Greek yoghurt, it seems like a luscious, decadent desert.



Especially when the fresh fruit is fresh feijoas.


I’m tellin’ ya, it’s as good as tiramisu!

4 thoughts on “A simple pleasure

  1. Couldn’t agree more. The old Bircher trick of grated apple and a bit of freshly squeezed orange, or lime and then left in the fridge overnight is a treat worth getting out of bed for. It does seem too decadent for brekkie.


  2. Oooh yeah, I hear you! Fresh chopped pear is my fave to add to the mix. I also like the crunch from pepitas or sunflower seeds, also chia of course.


  3. Go easy on sultanas. Instead use raisins and currents – but also dates and shredded coconut. Hazelnuts instead of almonds. Perfect.


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