Cyprus yum


Cyprus Time, 74 Glengala Road, Sunshine West. Phone: 8589 1968

The shopping strip on Glengala Road in Sunshine West is one that falls squarely in our food roaming territory, but it’s not one we’ve visited often.

So it’s neat to be here – and thanks to Juz for the tip!

Cyprus Time falls into a category we fully adore – somehow places with something of a takeaway vibe serve some of the best restaurant-quality food we enjoy.

So it is here.

We expect the food to be closely akin to that of Greece.

It is – with a couple of cool twists.

Small chips are a good-size serve for $5.

We figure we’ve received the last of the previous batch, rather than first of a new one.

But it doesn’t matter and these serve to re-affirm our belief that the best chips are generally to be had from places that serve Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food.

Greek salad ($10) is another handsome serve, with the flavours nicely blended.

Mixed dips + pita ($12) are just OK and seem to be lacking a bit of the zing factor.

And while we really do appreciate that the tarama is made in house, it’s a bit too much on the sweet side for our tastes.

But the real action here, for us, is in the meatiness.

My lamb gyros is superb, the lamb meat that perfect mix of crunch and tender.

Bennie’s pork souvlaki is every bit as good, the cubed meat pieces just-right tender and seasoned lovely.

We love that the Greek-style pita has been stuffed, pocket style, rather than used as a wrap.

These two-handful jobs stay self-contained and undripping to the last!

The price for his is $16, the price for mine is $18.

We know there are folks who may think souvlaki/gyros prices heading towards $20 are a step too far.

But we have no problem with this when the food is good.

And going by recent experiences at both the Brotherhood in Seddon and Olive Oil & Butter in Yarraville, this is very much the going rate for such.

Cyprus Time carries a range of groceries – and they make their own sausages.

This pack of five costs us a good-deal $13.

We are expecting snags along the same lines as the Italian-style pork numbers we love so much.

But these are quite different thanks to the red wine and whole spices such as peppercorns and coriander seeds.

They are excellent.