Guest post contest; fabulous prize!

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Consider The Sauce has run about a handful of guest posts but quite frankly I’d like to see more.

Having said that, I fully understand that regularly reading and enjoying a food blog is something quite different from getting sufficiently organised to eat, enjoy, record and write-up a meal for blogging purposes!

As well, I suspect that what is a near daily routine for me may actually be a little daunting for some.

Nevertheless, I really hope at least a handful of CTS regulars – or even lurkers – might rise to the a bait an enter our Guest Post Competition.

To sweeten the pot, I have a fabulous prize to offer …

The winner of our Guest Post Competition will receive a super prize – lunch for four courtesy of our friends at Woven in Stephen Street, Yarraville.

The prize will consist of lunch for four in the form of one juice or cold drink, one hot drink and one main course lunch dish per person. Value: $100 (approximately).

Here are the competition guidelines:

Entries close on March 31.

Send entries to

The winner will be announced – and published on CTS – soon thereafter.

There are no length requirements – anything from 100 words up to, say, 1000 will be fine.

Posts/stories can be about anything to do with food in the greater western suburbs of Melbourne – not just restaurants and cafes but also markets, shops, whatever. Even a picnic down by the river!

Entries do not have to be a straight review of a business but can take all sorts of forms – a story about getting your kids to love multicultural food, for instance. Or maybe an essay about how your neighbourhood’s foodie face has changed and evolved over the years.

Photographs are not a requirement but will surely help your chances.

In keeping with the CTS ethos, entries that go for the unusual or obscure – or that come at a familiar subject from a fresh angle – will be given more weight than stories about, for instance, the likes of Laksa King or the Station Hotel.

Good luck!