GRAM birthday party


Prime Creative boss John Murphy looking chuffed after successively opening a round of beers as dessert is served.

GRAM birthday party, Malvern.

It’s midweek, it’s a full moon, I wish it was on a Friday night … but I am looking forward to the GRAM birthday party.

It’s not so much a celebration of the magazine itself as a party about its eventual handing to the stewardship of Prime Creative Media.

As a food blogger, I’ve been involved from the magazine’s earliest days and am happy to have an ongoing involvement.

In the face of some resistance, I even wrote a piece expressing my support – you can read it here.

The party is in a function room far from my usual stomping grounds, the finger food is good and the beer is free.

I take the earliest opportunity to quiz Prime Creative Media boss John Murphy about how GRAM is going, given that it has expanded to Brisbane and Adelaide, Sydney is on the way and national distribution not too far away either.

Prime Creative boss John Murphy with GRAM editor Danielle Gullaci and yours truly.

I dig, too, catching up with Roberto Cea, whose brainchild GRAM has been and who has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with his “baby” as it has been rolled out in other cities.

Roberto Cea, Maria and yours truly.

I enjoy hanging with Nat Stockley, my handbag for the night. Sorry, buddy, none of the pics worked out. It was a challenging situation, as I’m sure you understand.

I believe there are other bloggers in attendance, but get to talk with just a few before bedtime deadline looms.

I forget to take a GRAM showbag with me as I depart.

Oh, well, it’s been cool and a treat to attend the sort of party that not so long ago was a weekly, almost daily, part of my life.

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