New lunchtime vistas of foodiness


The coffee/food joint on the ground floor of Media House, on the corner of Spencer and Collins streets, is called Espresso Hub.

Some of my new colleagues – some of whom are also old colleagues – are unstinting in their negativity in assessing the food available there.

But today I had a sensational rice salad – herbs, cashews, peas, red onion. Gosh, it was yummo.

But my large serve of salad came with another – spinach leaves, pumpkin, beetroot, bocconcini, roast capsicum – that was nowhere near as good.

Worse, I wasn’t paying too much attention, so failed to notice that my server placed the salads one on top of the other – instead of side by side.

Sheesh! Why would anyone do that?

The coffee however is barely OK and I will be seeking a worthy alternative.

Across the road, Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe is crazy crammed each and every lunchtime so I have yet to give it a go.

The dark, cool laneway it is part of has a couple of cafes, an interesting looking F&C place, an old-school barber who has already shorn my copious locks.

And a divey looking Chinese place called Wonderful Garden that boasts it has “The best Chinese food in town”.

I wonder if it’s true?

In Southern Cross Station, there’s Mad Mex, which I have tried – Guzman Y Gomez Mexican Taqueria at Highpoint is better.

6 thoughts on “New lunchtime vistas of foodiness

  1. I’ve seen that Chinese place too and often wondered about the accuracy of their claim.
    Perhaps it should say “the best 80’s Chinese food in town”.


  2. Really struggled to find a decent place to eat when I was working the Spencer St end of the city, used to bring sandwiches in every day except Friday. Ended up going to the crepes place even for my birthday. Did cause a bit of a problem when everyone at work wanted to go out for a group lunch. I did used to go to Dancing Goat for a hot chocolate twice a week, they would yell out when I was walking past.


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