Digging For Fire BBQ



Digging For Fire BBQ, Footscray Park. Phone: 0412 718 797

I am not the first ever public customer of the Digging For Fire BBQ food truck.

Nor am I the second.

Nope, those honours go to Carly and Rita.

But that’s OK – I’ll take third place with glee.

Remember when the western suburbs were perpetual bridesmaids in the food truck stakes?

Happily, those days are a fading memory, with the Digging crew – Dave and “Damo” – even choosing Footscray to make their public, “streetside” debut.

The lads are having something of a slow start, so I’ll have to check out the “smoked chilli and cinnamon chicken wings, hot sauce” on another occasion.

And other occasions there are sure to be based on my lovely Sunday lunch.


Brand new business, inaugural day of operation, first batch of chips – a bit of a gamble I’d normally surmise.

But these “crunchy thick cut chips” ($4) are super. They’re crunchy for sure and delicious dipped in the creamy smooth aioli.


My “Mary Had A Little Lamb Roll ($8) is good, too.

There’s heaps of meat, and it all works nicely with the various bits and pieces, including turshi, tomato, pomegranate and tahini.

As you’d expect, this comes across as a close relative of pita-wrapped kebab.

Check out what the Digging For Fire BBQ team have by way of menu ambitions at their website here.

But as is the way with these things, Facebook or Twitter is the best way of nailing their location on any given day. Or check out Where The Truck At.

Such is the effectiveness of the food truck/social media dynamic, that as I leave a steady stream of customers is turning up to try out this new addition to Melbourne’s food truck fleet.




3 thoughts on “Digging For Fire BBQ

  1. Food looks great and the price is right.
    Much better looking attempt at street food than the other trucks you see around.
    By the look of it, you could park this thing on Barkly street or anywhere else in Footscray and compete with the myriad other offerings.
    This is a food truck that i’ll probably try and track down for dinner tonight.


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