Meals on wheels? Still rolling!



Two years after our earlier story, I’m delighted to report that our very own “vegetable man” continues to do the rounds.

Today he brings me a choice of tomatoes, about three different kinds of peppers and spuds (he pronounces them “po-taht-oes”).

His name is Boris, he’s Macedonian but when he came to Australia he was from what was then known as Yugoslavia.

He travels from his farm near Daylesford every couple of weeks, visiting by turn Yarraville and Moonee Ponds.

He tells me his door-to-door vegetable biz is a marginal proposition at best, with fuel costs being a significant factor.

But he seems to profit from his business in a non-monetary way.

I know we do!

Today I grab a bag of sweet peppers and superbly irregularly shaped tomatoes – not the sort of thing you see in supermarkets!



6 thoughts on “Meals on wheels? Still rolling!

  1. I am always glad to see Boris’s smiling face ring the doorbell on a Monday. Today, like you, I got some of his late season “tomaaaaartoes”. They look great for dinner tonight. I think they are a mix of tigers and beefsteak.

    He told me the birds had damaged much of his plums, so we wouldn’t see any this year. Nevermind.

    I make sure I buy something. I hope he keeps coming, because I also get more out of it than just the fruit.


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