Getting pickled in Kyneton …




Emelia’s The Saucy Australian, 20a Piper Street, Kyneton. Phone: 5422 2020

Having talked to Emelia by phone several months previously – seeking, and failing to discover, the seasoning of pickled onions that were a highlight of a Flemington ploughman’s lunch – it’s a pleasure to meet her in person.

It’s just as much a pleasure to get “the tour” and discover over the course of an hour or so the history, life and times of the company started 15 years ago by Emelia and her husband, Ron.

One surprise is to discover that the company’s endeavours extend beyond the pickles, sauces and condiments I had expected – there’s pies being made today to join a range that also includes soups, casseroles and pates.

But these fresh items are only sold locally – from the shop that itself has only been in operation for the past three years.

How does Emelia talk about her company, its many products and her pride in its success?

With relish, of course!


The numbers are impressive.

“We’re Australia’s most awarded condiment producer,” Emelia proclaims. “And all our products are completely chemical and gluten free.”

The company currently supplies its 49-product line to about 2000 customers all over Australia – and not one of them has the words “Coles” or “Woolworths” as part of their name.

These days all orders are handled by Australia Post.

Before that, though, Emelia and Ron hit the road big time.

“We spent three weeks on the road and then two at home for five years,” Emelia says. “We did that for five years, covering 100,000 kilometres a year.”

It’s that sort of hands-on approach that remains the bedrock philosophy of the company, although these days Emelia does it all by telephone, staying in touch with customers she has gotten to know so well.


Wherever possible, she uses locally grown produce, including fresh herbs, some of which she grows herself.

The onions – typically 3000 kilograms in a three-month period – come from Swan Hill, Tasmania or South Australia.

The chilli content comes from Bundaberg in the form of a fresh puree.

The spotlessly clean production, bottling and cooking area looks like a small factory but is also recognisably a kitchen.

The onions are topped and tailed by machine, but other than that there are no conveyer belts and the like here – everything, including bottling, is done by hand.

I can attest to the excellence of the steaming hot and fresh chicken and mushroom pie Emelia provides me for lunch.

Thanks to Emelia, Consider The Sauce has a gift pack of Old-Fashioned Pickled Onions, Piccalilli Chilli and Lincolnshire Chutney to give to one lucky reader.

First person to email me – the address is on the site and not too hard to find – is the winner!

Emelia’s products are sold by Pompello in Seddon and Parade Deli in Williamstown.

Or you can order online at the Emelia’s website.

Thanks to Emelia and her crew for putting up with my many questions and incessantly clicking camera!


5 thoughts on “Getting pickled in Kyneton …

  1. That’s great looking giardinera 🙂 Do you know what’s the range of Emelia’s that is stocked at Pompello? I’m always on the lookout for good pickled onions.


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