Oh, the shame!


We’re moving house.

No big deal and not very far.

But still, there are things to be done, utilities to be connected and disconnected.

There is much to be sorted and much to be tossed out. Because our new joint is much smaller than one we’re leaving. Much warmer and cheaper, too, mind you.

And last night there was a live Asian Champion’s League match featuring an Australian team.

It, too, went ignored for an hour or so.

Because – oh, how it is embarrassing to admit it – Team Consider The Sauce has become addicted to My Kitchen Rules.

It’s unclear how this has come about.

The process seems to have taken about two weeks, but has been one of insidious stealth.

There we were – well, there I was anyway – determinedly snooty about reality TV shows, and their foodie incarnations in particular.

And now here we are – hanging on every pronouncement, every kitchen meltdown.

Mind you, the idea that this show is real, that there is any “reality” of substance here at all strikes us as fanciful.

Villains such as Ashlee and Sophia just seem too preposterously cartoonish for that.

And the music? Used with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Alfred Hitchcock the MKR producers are not.

I’m sure there are websites, forums, Twitter conversations and the like where we could find about this stuff and all sorts of juicy conspiracy theories.

But we’re not that far gone.


We do, however, wholeheartedly admire the skill and wisdom The Age’s Ben Pobjie brings to his regular MKR recaps.

A gem from this morning’s effort:

“Everyone just ignores Josh’s disgusting attempts at self-justification, preoccupied as they are by their own devastation at the news that Ashlee and Sophia aren’t leaving. Anyway everyone cheers and hugs and Ashlee and Sophia clap mildly, boredom etched on their faces: they’re not really interested in babies unless they’re eating them themselves.”

And that’ll have to do until … Sunday night.
WHAT? You’ve got to be kidding me!?

7 thoughts on “Oh, the shame!

  1. That’s hilarious, Kenny. YOU, and MKR. You and Bennie should go on it, actually. Anyway, I too like MKR and we’ve been away for a few days and have MISSED IT! I swore I was only going to watch the first couple of weeks when they made dinner in their (supposedly) own kitchens.
    I think it’s also something about the time of night it’s on. 7.30—right after Home and Away, Kenny.


  2. Yeah, I was a reality TV snob until the almighty ‘Masterchef: The Professionals’ juggernaut rolled me in like dough in a pasta machine. I’ll hang my head in shame with you!


    • How can you live without a TV, Simon? I know, you probably have five more hours in the day to do all sorts of great things. I’ve tried to wean myself off too much TV by painting in the early evening, but I still watch way too much.


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